Canada’s Jewish community is denouncing footage of pro-Palestinian Western and McMaster University students ripping down posters of Israelis kidnapped by Hamas. 

The recorded events are just the latest string of disturbing anti-Israel activity taking place at woke universities and colleges across both Canada and the United States.

At Western, instances of posters being taken down were posted to social media, including by the perpetrators.

X account “Documenting Antisemitism” shared footage of two male students tearing down posters on Western’s campus. When confronted, they said, “they started it” and claimed the student union is fine with them tearing down the posters.

On Instagram, a female Western student bragged about tearing down posters and said she found a “better place for them” – with that “better place” being in the recycling bin. “Kids remember to recycle,” said the student.

Another individual shared an image of a poster of a four-year-old Israeli boy who was kidnapped by Hamas. The individual called the poster “propaganda,” and rejoiced because it was taken down.

X account “Stop Antisemitism” also shared footage of an Israeli Western student being harassed while holding up a picture of a coworker who was kidnapped by Hamas. The harasser told the student “I couldn’t care less” and “you think I give a f**k”? Among other things.

At Hamilton’s McMaster University, a mob of pro-Palestinian students were also recorded tearing down posters of Israeli hostages.

The incidents are being condemned by members of the Jewish community. The Centre for Israel and Jewish Affairs (CIJA) described the incidents on X as “pure hatred,” and said such actions have “nothing to do with advocating for Palestinian human rights.”

Neither Western nor McMaster responded to a request for comment from True North about the incidents.

In the United States, pro-Palestine individuals have also been tearing down posters – including at New York University, the University of Pennsylvania and Boston University.