The Nova Scotia government is taking an unorthodox approach to improving their suffering healthcare system by offering financial prizes to employees in the healthcare sector who can come up with plausible solutions. 

Nova Scotia Premier Tim Houston announced the Healthcare Improvement Challenge on Wednesday, offering 50 prizes of $1,000 each to health workers who come up with actionable ideas to better the system.

“We have no shortage of talented people who work across the spectrum of healthcare in our province,” said Houston in a statement to  Global News

“They live and breathe the system daily, and many of them have great ideas that can improve health care for patients and for their colleagues.”

The Healthcare Improvement Challenge is now open for submissions and Houston said they are looking for ideas that are attainable and ones that require little to no funding.

Submissions will be accepted until Nov. 22 and each eligible entry will then be thrown into a random draw.

Prize-winners will first have to answer a skill-testing question before they can receive the money.

The best 20 ideas will be selected by a review panel who will then present them for a provincewide vote to narrow down what will be the top 10 priorities for improvement.Canada’s healthcare system has been struggling for a long time, leading some Canadians to seek out private alternatives.