In an abrupt move last week, Justin Trudeau decided to suspend his signature environmental policy – the controversial carbon tax – on home heating oil for three years. For some reason, the Liberals tried to spin this as a win but the reality is that this is another major blow to the Trudeau government. By suspending the carbon tax specifically on home heating oil and not on natural gas, Trudeau is making a desperate attempt to shore up collapsing support in Atlantic Canada – once a Liberal stronghold.

Over 40% of homes in Atlantic Canada rely on home heating oil to stay warm in the winter, but the rest of the country relies mostly on natural gas. And course, its Western Canada left holding the bag to pay up on a carbon tax imposed on them by Ottawa.

When it comes to Trudeau’s own survival, everything appears to be on the table, even his beloved carbon tax.

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  • Harrison Faulkner

    Harrison Faulkner is the host of Ratio'd and co-host of Fake News Friday. He is also a journalist and producer for True North based in Toronto. Twitter: @Harry__Faulkner