Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is facing criticism online for allowing his youngest son to dress up as a beheaded person for Halloween amid reports of atrocities emerging from the Israel-Hamas war.

Israel’s government has said that the terrorist group Hamas beheaded innocent people as part of its barbaric October 7 attack on the Jewish state. 

Trudeau’s photo resulted in criticism from Canadians, including political and media figures, on X. 

Former Canadian Ambassador to Israel Vivian Bercovici wrote, “the Prime Minister of (Canada) Justin Trudeau posing with his young son who is in costume as a beheaded person. The callousness is beyond belief. I get that it’s Halloween. But in light of what’s going on in the world. This just is not cool. Not funny. And he is a sick sick man.”

Her sentiments were echoed by former Conservative senator Linda Frum, who asked “why post this? Hadrien didn’t need the attention, and the Jews didn’t need another kick in the teeth.”

Nepean PC MPP and former Ontario cabinet minister Lisa McLeod wrote “oh my Goodness. Given the events in the Middle East a beheaded children’s costume is mightily inappropriate.”

McLeod’s colleague, Carleton PC MPP Goldie Ghamari, said “this is the literal definition of ‘tone-deaf’”

Rebel News founder and President Ezra Levant wrote, “Justin Trudeau dressed his son up as a child that was beheaded. Just stop and think about that.” Canadaland publisher Jesse Brown bluntly asked, “How can he be this f**king dumb?”

Others criticized Trudeau specifically for posting the photo. 

Journalist Jen Gerson wrote, “I really cannot expect this poor kid to have understood the larger geo-political implications of this costume. But, like, man, tweeting this out was a choice.”

She added that “it is insensitive for an ostensible world leader to post a picture of his child wearing a costume depicting a beheading only a few weeks after children were literally beheaded by Hamas.”

This sentiment was echoed by other X users. 

However, not everyone took offense with the costume. Some defended Trudeau, and called out conservatives for overreacting.

One user wrote “am I the only one who isn’t offended by the costume worn by Trudeau’s kid? Come on, people. IT’S HALLOWEEN. This pearl-clutching over a kids costume is nauseating.” Another user said “can’t believe I’m defending Trudeau, it’s Halloween dude, nothing about this costume is insensitive.” 

“The nasty comments are totally ridiculous. I’m glad the Trudeau children get a normal night. You should see what came to my door! Great fun. All of it,” wrote another user. 

Another user noted, “I’m not outraged by this. It’s a great costume.  As for Trudeau, leader of Canada, getting called tone deaf for letting it happen, I’d say more narcissistic.”