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A Canadian female powerlifter was hit with a two-year ban by the Canadian Powerlifting Union (CPU) for advocating that womens’ sports remain single-sex and prohibit transgender male-to-female competitors who have a natural biological advantage from competing. 

The CPU’s discipline panel suspended the Team Canada powerlifter April Hutchinson for violating the organization’s code of conduct social media policy based on a complaint submitted by Anne Andres, a transgender powerlifter. 

Hutchinson has been criticizing Andres’ participation in female powerlifting competitions, as Andres had broken several records held by biological women and has taunted her fellow competitors as weak and having “tiny little T-Rex arms.”

In an exclusive interview, the Team Canada powerlifter April Hutchinson told True North that she is “very hurt” by the CPU suspending her, but remains resolute in her will to appeal her suspension.

Hutchinson said that the CPU had sent her multiple notices over the past several months to stop talking about Andres on social media and for allegedly making the union “look bad.” 

However, the CPU went ahead with suspending Hutchinson after she was invited on Piers Morgan Uncensored and called Andres a “biological man.”

Hutchinson said that after the CPU gave her notice that they were investigating her due to a complaint Andres made and would possibly suspend her membership, she shared several videos of Andres demeaning her fellow powerlifters.

One such video saw Andres calling Hutchinson a “cancer” that needs to be “cut out” of the CPU. 

However, Hutchinson said that the CPU rejected her complaints as “frivolous” and “vexatious.”

Hutchinson says that she has spoken with the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF), the international body governing powerlifting worldwide, who allegedly told Hutchinson that they in fact agree with Hutchinson’s position and that the CPU shouldn’t have suspended her for calling Andres a “biological man.”

“I’ve actually had to go to the IPF and say ‘look it, you guys need to step in a protect me,’” said Hutchinson.

“And they actually agree with what I’m doing. They said ‘if you suspend April, you have to suspend Anne because Anne has been making fun of women for like a year now.’ They’re mad, they’re upset with the CPU. They’re just like ‘look it, you can’t suspend April for saying Anne is a biological male.’”

Hutchinson said that she will be consulting with her legal counsel in the coming days, but plans to fight the suspension “tooth and nail.”

“I will fight this, and I am fighting for the female category,” said Hutchinson.

“This is not anti-trans, this is pro-women and pro-sports, and that’s what they have to understand. I’m literally speaking the truth and standing up for what’s right.”

Hutchinson said that she plans on taking legal action, though she cannot discuss details as of yet.