Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre did not mince his words on Monday about the risk posed to Canadians as authorities issued a Canada-wide warrant for high-risk British Columbia sex offender Randall Hopley after he escaped from a Vancouver halfway house earlier this month. 

Poilievre told True North during a press conference in downtown Vancouver that he could not offer Canadian parents any assurance of safety due to the Trudeau government’s “catch and release justice system.”

“None. I’m afraid I wish I could give you assurances,” said Poilievre when asked by True North about Hopley and whether he could give Canadian parents any comfort. 

“But unfortunately, when we have Trudeau’s catch and release justice system which allows repeat violent dangerous predators to live in halfway houses, there is no assurance of safety. This is the system Trudeau has created.”

On November 4, Hopley escaped from his halfway house, removing his ankle monitor in the process. Despite an extensive search by a team of 18 Vancouver Police Department investigators following 80 tips and inspecting various locations in Vancouver, he remains elusive.

With a history of convictions, including assault, property offences and sexual crimes against children, Hopley was due in court two days after his escape.

Hopley was previously imprisoned for the 2011 abduction of a three-year-old, had been released under a long-term supervision order, which he allegedly breached in January.

Poilievre slammed the Liberal government for enabling repeat offenders to avoid consequences by allowing same day bail releases and other lax measures. 

“(Trudeau) has deliberately allowed the most violent and dangerous prolific offenders to be released again and again and again, either on same day bail, early parole or into halfway houses where they can simply walk out the door and go forth to terrorize and destroy lives,” Poilievre told True North. 

“And that is why after eight years of Trudeau with the support of the NDP, violent crime is up 40%. A common sense Conservative government will keep repeat violent offenders behind bars.” 

Authorities believe that Hopley has changed his appearance and are warning the public to stay away from him and report any sightings.