A British Columbia gang war is spilling across provincial lines, leading to three murders in Edmonton and Toronto last week. 

Parmvir Chahil, a gang member of B.C.’s “United Nations” criminal organization was killed in a shootout in Toronto last Wednesday. 

The following day, an 11-year-old boy was shot to death alongside his father Harpreet Singh Uppal. 

According to police, the boy was intentionally killed as his father Harpreet was a member of the Brothers Keepers gang in south Edmonton. 

Police also noted that the boy’s death marks a breach of unwritten gangland conduct not to go after gang member’s children.  

Another child, the boy’s friend was inside the vehicle as well at the time of the shooting, however he was not wounded. 

Uppal and his family had been the target of a shooting earlier in 2021, where they were shot at from the window of Royal Pizza, also located in south Edmonton. Charges against the shooter were later dropped however, due to the lack of evidence necessary for a conviction. 

Uppal was a prominent figure of high status within Edmonton’s organized crime scene, confirmed Edmonton police, however they would not comment on what specific gangs Uppal was affiliated with. 

Additionally, Edmonton police would neither confirm whether or not Uppal’s murder was in retaliation from previous killings nor if the death of Uppal and his son was expected to bring about more violence in response. 

A Postmedia News source has claimed that Uppal was a prominent Brothers Keepers associate and that Chahil was connected to the UN gang. 

“The BK and UN conflict is out of control,” the Postmedia source told the Vancouver Sun

While the initial violence may have begun in Vancouver, its escalating retaliation is now spreading across the country. 

In recent months, several public areas in British Columbia’s Lower Mainland have become battlegrounds for gangs like the Brothers Keepers, the United Nations and the Red Scorpion-Kang group.