Ontario MPP Sarah Jama was caught on camera spreading disinformation about the October 7th terrorist attack perpetrated against Israeli civilians by Hamas, denying the rape of Israeli civilians and beheading of babies.

The Hamilton-Centre MPP was recorded at an event accusing Canada’s “Zionist lobby” of spreading misinformation about terrorist attacks perpetrated against Israel, stating that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) refuted the reports of women raped and babies being beheaded – a claim that is factually incorrect.

“I think this draws a very good picture of the ability for a government to be influenced by the Zionist lobby – because it has been disproven publicly – like the IDF themselves have said there’s no actual evidence of these rapes and the babies with their heads cut off,” said Jama.

The IDF and witnesses on the ground in Israel have confirmed that Hamas terrorists raped Israeli civilians during the October 7 attack.

Jama went on to theorize that Canada’s so-called “Zionist lobby” pressured the Ontario government to censure her in the legislature. 

“Like all these things are pieces of misinformation. So I think it shows the strength of the Zionist lobby here in Canada, and the ways in which they’re able to pressure an entire government operation to censure me indefinitely until I apologize.”

Jama was censured by the Ontario legislature three weeks ago for statements she had made on social media that the House deemed to be antisemitic and defensive of Hamas terrorists. 

The motion, which the NDP voted against, stripped Jama of her privilege to be called upon by the Speaker of the House until she retracts and apologizes for her “antisemitic” statements – something Jama has refused to do.

Jama was also ousted from the NDP caucus by leader Marit Stiles, though Stiles insists that Jama’s ouster was because she created an unsafe work environment and broke the trust of her colleagues, not because of her anti-Israel remarks.

Since Jama’s censure and excommunication from the NDP, Jama attended a pro-Palestine rally in Hamilton, where she recited the “from the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” slogan – a refrain that a B’nai Brith spokesperson called “hateful” and “genocidal.”

Jama continues to sit as an independent MPP for Hamilton-Centre.