The Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba is under intense scrutiny for a social media post that actively supported and encouraged a 10-year-old child in their desire to undergo a surgical gender transition.

The post, featuring a pseudonymous patient named “Mary,” has sparked a wave of outrage and accusations on X, with critics labeling the foundation’s stance as harmful. 

Mary’s story, as presented in the controversial post, expresses a longing to be recognized as a “real girl” since the age of seven and wanting to have girl body parts. 

“Mary thinks she was about seven years old when she began to articulate feelings of longing to be a “real girl.” Femininity – dresses, rainbows, and girl roles in games and on screen in Disney movies – felt like the only areas that truly aligned with her identity,” writes the Foundation. 

The post then quotes Mary as saying: “I just wanted my name to be female and I still want my body parts to be female.” 

“Gender-affirming care” involves a variety of practices, which at their most extreme include surgeries such as vaginoplasty and hormone treatment, which can result in permanent sterilization. 

“She dreams of a world where her body reflects her identity, eagerly anticipating the day her doctors allow her to take hormones that will aid her transition,” writes the Foundation. 

“Even at age 10, the prospect of a future boyfriend worries her, wondering if or at what phase of dating she’ll need to disclose her journey. And she worries, a little, about never having a baby – but says her plans to be a famous actress won’t allow time to be a mom anyway.” 

Critics of the post online included columnist Jonathan Kay who criticized the Foundation for encouraging a child to pursue a “lifetime of drugs, dangerous and debilitating side effects, unnecessary surgeries, chopped off body parts, and sterility.” 

Additionally, gender issues journalist Mia Ashton also chimed in.

National Post columnist Jamie Sarkonak also commented. 

“There’s something really dark about a children’s hospital discussing sterilization like it’s a haircut,” posted Sarkonak. 

In response to the backlash, the Children’s Hospital Foundation of Manitoba later took to social media to try and justify their perspective. 

Despite the foundation’s attempt to provide context and defend their position, the controversy continues to escalate.