A Red Deer, Alta. trustee was kicked off of the Catholic school board over a picture she previously posted to Instagram criticizing gender ideology “brainwashing” and remarks she made after the fact. 

Monique LaGrange was expelled from her position by a 3-1 vote during a board meeting Monday for violating sanctions the board had placed on her in September.

A few months ago, LaGrange posted a meme to her Instagram of an archival photo of German children waving the Nazi flag juxtaposed with a picture of current-day children waving the Pride Progress flag in a school classroom with the caption “brainwashing is brainwashing.”

In an interview with True North, LaGrange said that the post was probing into “how ideologies work,” comparing “Nazi ideology” to “LGBTQ ideology.”

“It [the picture] was looking at how ideologies work, and it was looking at how the LGBTQ ideology and the Nazi ideology – how it’s not right that they attack vulnerable children,” said LaGrange.

LaGrange was initially removed from her position representing Red Deer on the Alberta Catholic School Trustees’ Association and was censured by Red Deer Catholic Regional Schools (RDCRS) a couple of weeks later.

RDCRS had stripped LaGrange of her ability to attend committee meetings, represent the school board in an official capacity, and speak about the LGBTQ community. 

RDCRS required that she issue a public apology and undergo sensitivity training to have her powers reinstated. 

LaGrange’s lawyer, James Kitchen, told True North that undergoing re-education training and issuing an apology for posting the picture would be impossible for her to do without lying and violating her conscience. 

Another complaint was filed against LaGrange by a fellow trustee, alleging that LaGrange had violated the terms of her censure by speaking about the LGBTQ community in interviews with Rumble content creators Laura-Lynn Tyler Thompson and Talk Truth. 

“They said that I violated the sanctions, and so they brought another code of conduct violation against me,” said LaGrange. 

“From there, they decided that they were going to disqualify me. An elected official was disqualified. So all the people that elected me, their voice is no longer.”

Under section 87 of Alberta’s Education Act, school board trustees can be disqualified if they breach the trustee code of conduct as determined by the board, requiring the trustee immediately resign. 

Monique says that she plans on taking the matter to court to conduct a judicial review of the sanctions placed upon her in late September.

“Freedom has a new meaning these days and it’s not what Canadians remember it being,” said LaGrange.

“The woke has put a new meaning on freedom and I think it’s really important that people take a really good look at what’s important in their life and what they want for their children and grandchildren.”