Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new communications and marketing expert was radically pro-lockdown and pro-vaccine mandate during the Covid-19 pandemic.

The newly hired executive director of communications in the Prime Minister’s Office, Max Valiquette, expressed a number of controversial opinions in favour of restricting civil liberties during the Covid-19 pandemic.

On X (formerly Twitter), Valiquette expressed his support for shutting down schools in May 2021, calling it “irresponsible” to send children to school.

“This feels like a somewhat irresponsible thing to tweet if you can’t support it with a source of some kind,” said Valiquette.

“Want schools to be open, right now, as they are, under current vaccine conditions?”

Valiquette also made numerous comments on social media calling for the civil liberties of unvaccinated Canadians to be restricted while spreading misinformation about the benefits of receiving the Covid-19 vaccine. 

The PMO did not respond to a request for comment from True North.

In July 2021, Valiquette said that unvaccinated adults who don’t care about getting infected with Covid-19 were going to kill unvaccinated children, despite the fact that children dying from Covid-19 was an extremely rare occurrence. 

“So to answer your question: if this ‘ends,’ it ‘ends’ when all of our children can be vaccinated. Because: right now the people who ‘don’t care if they get covid and die’ can and will hurt and kill unvaccinated children.”

Valiquette also encouraged parents to vaccinate their children – that everyone should “just get jabbed, regardless of age.”

Valiqutte stated that receiving the Covid-19 vaccine would prevent the transmission of the virus, in spite of evidence and messaging from the World Health Organization that disputes his claim. He went on to suggest that an otherwise unsafe “orgy” would be safer if everyone involved were vaccinated, despite any evidence to support his claim.

Valiqutte expressed support for vaccine passports to restrict unvaccinated Canadians from public life, theorising that unvaccinated individuals would harass vaccinated Canadians.

“One huge reason why we need vaccine certificates: until the government takes a stand the anti-vs are emboldened to harass private individuals,” said Valiquette.

Valiquette is a nationally-renowned marketing expert who started his own marketing firm Youthography, and has worked with a number of large corporations.