Last week, the legacy media told us that Opposition Leader Pierre Poilievre had committed a serious misstep and that he would pay for his mistake. 

Of course, it was the legacy – and not Poilievre – who were wrong. 

They invented a fake news narrative about him, which he easily, firmly and correctly debunked. 

In response, legacy media journalists lost their minds, called Poilievre a liar and bully, and predicted he was about to plummet in the polls. 

Well, a new round of polling has been released, and it paints a picture quite different than what the legacy media predicted. 

Poilievre is doing better than ever, with impressive massive gains even among traditional Liberal stronghold demographics – young Canadians, immigrants, women and even public sector unions. 

It’s Fake News Friday on the Candice Malcolm Show, and – surprise, surprise – the legacy media got it wrong again.