The trial of Tamara Lich and Chris Barber, two organizers in the Freedom Convoy protest, have had their trial adjourned following over 30 days of evidence and arguments. 

The trial is expected to resume next month. 

First beginning in September, the trial was initially scheduled to finish by Oct. 13, however it will now continue well into 2024. 

Both Lich and Barber are accused of mischief, intimidation and several other charges in relation to counseling others to break the law.  

The protest, which took place for several weeks in February 2022, saw massive crowds of people from all across Canada demonstrating against Covid-19 mandates.

A number of Ottawa residents have also testified in the trial about their experiences during that time. 

Defence lawyers for Lich and Barber maintain that their clients did not engage in any form of counseling of others to commit acts of mischief. 

They allege that in all video evidence presented of the two defendants, they’re only shown to be asking protesters to remain peaceful, respectful to law enforcement and to the residents of Ottawa.The trial is expected to resume on Jan. 4, however no additional dates have been scheduled, according to CP24.