Nearly seven in 10 Canadians believe Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should resign in 2024, before the next scheduled federal election in 2025, according to a new survey by Ipsos. 

That belief is strongest held in Alberta, where 81% of respondents said Trudeau should step down as prime minister. 

In Saskatchewan and Manitoba that number was 73%, in Ontario 70% and in B.C. 66%.

Trudeau appeared to retain the most support in Quebec and Atlantic Canada, however, even in those regions, 63% and 62% of respondents said they would like Trudeau to resign in 2024.

Despite the fact that an overwhelming majority of Canadians would like to see Trudeau step down, only 28% of respondents believe that he actually will. Whereas 63% respondents believe Trudeau will stay on as prime minister and as the leader of the Liberal party, with a third of those saying it’s very unlikely that he would resign. 

Canadians in Alberta (71%) and Atlantic Canada (76%) were the most convinced that Trudeau wouldn’t step down. 

That sentiment was also felt highest amongst Canadians over the age of 55 (72%).   

Younger Canadians, those aged 18-34, believe that Trudeau’s resignation does have a likely outcome, with 38% responding that they think this will happen in 2024. 

Whether or not he does, six out of 10 Candians believe that a federal election will be called in 2024. 

Should that be the case and Trudeau does remain on as the Liberal party leader, polling shows he would likely lose to the Conservatives by a landslide. 

The poll was conducted between Dec. 8 to 11, and a sample of 1,000 Canadians over the age of 18, were interviewed.