The Trudeau government is giving over $138,000 in funds aimed at advancing gender equality and ending gender-based violence to an organization that signed an anti-Israel open letter denying that Hamas terrorists raped Israeli women in the Oct. 7 attack.

The funding for the Pride Centre of Edmonton is part of a new $7.3 million package for Alberta-based feminist and LGBTQ organizations that was announced Thursday.

Funding will go to 18 organizations, and come from four separate streams; one aimed at increasing the capacity of Indigenous women and “2SLGBTQQIA+” organizations in addressing gender-based violence, another aimed at addressing gender-based violence through promising practices and community-based research, as well as a stream that funds the “2SLGBTQI+” Community and one that funds “LGBTQ2” Projects.

“Working with grassroots organizations, led by Indigenous and 2SLGBTQQIA+ people is how we will create, and sustain safe communities here in Alberta,” said employment, workforce development and official languages minister Randy Boissinault, who announced the funding on behalf of Minister for Women Marci Ien.

“Supporting the life-saving work of these 18 organizations in Alberta, brings us one step closer to ending gender-based violence in Canada.”

However, some on social media were quick to call out the government for giving $138,442 to the Pride Centre of Edmonton in its funding package, given their signing of the notorious anti-Israel letter.

Another organization receiving funding (up to $264,383) as part of the package is the University of Alberta – whose sexual assault centre and then director Samantha Pearson also signed the notorious letter denying rapes. The university’s president condemned the letter and Pearson was dismissed amid a public outcry.

The anti-Israel letter in question, penned by people “residing in so-called Canada” calls on Members of Parliament to resign over their “complicity” in the alleged “genocide” of Palestinians. 

The letter goes on to condemn NDP leader Jagmeet Singh for pushing what they consider to be an “unverified accusation that Palestinians were guilty of sexual violence.”  

It was also signed by far-left Ontario MPP Sarah Jama.

It should be noted that the Israeli Defence Forces confirmed that rapes took place on Oct 7, and Israeli police have collected eyewitness testimony of gang rapes.  

The letter also falsely blames Israel for an explosion at Gaza’s Al-Ahli Arab Hospital in October – a blast which Israeli and American intelligence has demonstrated was caused by a failed Islamic Jihad rocket, and claims that calling Hamas fighters terrorists perpetuates an “Islamophobic trope.”

This is not the first time that Pride Centre of Edmonton, which describes itself on its website as “a non-judgmental, welcoming space where people of all attractions, identities, and expressions can be themselves, find support, meet new people, and be part of a caring community,” has been under fire. 

In 2019, the organization was accused of having a racist and transphobic culture.

Neither the minister’s spokesperson nor Pride Centre of Edmonton responded to True North’s request for comment.