The World Economic Forum summit in Davos is a nexus of power and wealth, but it’s also a place that offers the allure of discreet escort services for elite clients. 

Selling sex is a legal and regulated trade in Switzerland, which means that the so-called world’s oldest profession also benefits from the economic boom spurred on by the exclusive conference’s arrival in the Swiss mountain village. 

Additionally, dating-style applications make it easier than ever for elites hoping to purchase sex to get in touch with an escort. It’s a lucrative business to be in, not only for the escorts but also for the platforms themselves which are fully booked for the summit’s duration. 

Not all services offered are sexual, however. Some professional sex workers offer companionship and modelling for exclusive events. 

One available Davos escort going by the handle “austrian_girl” advertised “accompany only” and “hostess” services at a rate of €800 ($1,175 CAD) for every two hours booked.

Other escorts like “Samantha” don’t even advertise a price and instead require clients to book in advance – with the fee being negotiated based on demand. 

On average, however, elite clients have to cough up anywhere from €2,000 ($2,937 CAD) to €3,000 ($4,405 CAD) for a 12-hour night with a call girl. 

Davos escorts like “Savannah” know their clients well, advertising themselves as providers of “sophistication”, “charm and elegance” to those willing to pay steep prices. 

Booking the 32-year-old Moldovan mistress for two days – a quarter of the summit’s length – would cost €8,000 ($11,747 CAD). 

Independent escort and “international companion” Catherine stresses that she is the “ideal companion” for gentlemen who require discretion.

“I guarantee safety and confidentiality and I expect it in return,” writes Catherine. 

Just like their would-be clients, Davos escorts can be considered the elites of their profession. Often they are well-educated and even speak multiple languages. 

One escort makes a point to inform her potential customers that she’s fluent in “Catalan, English, French, Italian and Spanish.”

But what of the clients themselves? According to one German escort who spoke to French media outlet 20 Minutes, Mia May, their proclivities are not as risque as some might think. 

“My clients are all decent, friendly, completely normal people and of all genders,” May told the outlet. 

“In addition, the customers, who have good basic training, are pleasant and well-behaved. They are never disturbing.”

Except the services advertised by escort platforms have a different story to tell. Kinks and fetishes are often the rule rather than the exception.