Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland told the World Economic Forum summit in Davos that decarbonization in Canada will mean more jobs and more growth for the economy.

During the panel, Freeland spoke of a meeting she had with a “very significant international business leader.” 

“I spoke yesterday to a very significant international business leader who is also a big investor in Canada and he said to me ‘All the countries in the world need to be very careful that decarbonization does not mean deindustrialization.’ I thought that was an extremely smart comment,” said Freeland. 

“Canada is absolutely determined that decarbonization for us will mean more jobs, more growth and more manufacturing. We recognize that the government needs to play a role to make that happen.” 

Throughout Wednesday, Freeland engaged in meetings with various business leaders and participants at the World Economic Forum. On Thursday, she is scheduled to hold more private meetings with the conference’s elite attendees before returning to Canada.

Freeland was only suddenly added to the World Economic Forum speaker list after the conference had already begun as exclusively reported by True North. 

Freeland was the sole Canadian government official addressing the elite gathering.

She also holds a position on the World Economic Forum’s Board of Trustees and has attended the conference regularly. 

True North, on the ground covering the 2024 World Economic Forum annual meeting, continues to report on developments.

In 2023, True North’s Andrew Lawton questioned Freeland about her affiliation with the organization.