Alberta Premier Danielle Smith promised to double the province’s oil and gas production in a conversation on-stage with Tucker Carlson in Calgary.

Smith made the commitment while she joined former Fox News host Tucker Carlson on Wednesday in Calgary and Edmonton as part of his Canada tour.

Addressing more than 4,000 attendees in Calgary, Smith emphasized the province’s need to enhance energy security and stability, particularly in the context of recent challenges to Alberta’s power grid.

More than double the amount of people in Calgary came to the show in Edmonton. Rogers Place was packed to the brim, but the upper bowl was closed. Rogers Place has 9,300 lower bowl seats, and an estimated 10,000 people attended the show in Alberta’s capital.

Carlson began the conversation by acknowledging Alberta as the country’s energy-rich province yet addressing that the province recently almost ran out of electricity.

“At the current trajectory, it will be Bolivia in terms of its power grid. Does that get better soon? What’s your projection?” Carlson asked the Premier.

Smith confirmed that the province will bring on new baseload natural gas power this year, which she said will stabilize the power grid. She added that she planned to follow in the United States’ footsteps. 

Smith said that despite the United States leadership talking about phasing out oil and gas, America has become the largest producer of oil and gas exports. The United States is currently producing more oil and gas than any country in history, according to CNN

“So, I think we should just double down and decide we’re going to double our oil and gas production,” said Smith. “Where else does America want to get its oil from? Do you want to get it from Iran? Do you want to get it from Venezuela? Or do you want to get it from safe Canada?”

“I think that we can do a lot to make sure that the Americans know that we are here to provide energy security. We are a great friend, great ally, great neighbour, and we just need to get the political leadership to realize that we are a friend,” said Smith.

After listening to Smith, Carlson offered some advice.

“Stop being embarrassed about who you are. You have nothing to be embarrassed about,” he said.  

Smith’s office had only initially confirmed that she would attend the Calgary show. Her appearance in Edmonton was a joyful surprise to some. Jordan Peterson and Conrad Black also appeared in Edmonton, both of whom had a long conversation on-stage with Carlson after Smith had left the stage.

True North’s Rachel Emmanuel was the first to speak at the event in Edmonton. Emmanuel introduced the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedom’s president, John Carpay, who then introduced Carlson.  

Speaking at a separate conference Thursday morning, Smith addressed her promise to double Alberta’s oil production.

“We want to increase production, reduce emissions so that we can make sure we’re addressing the dual problem of not only emissions but also energy poverty. So, I would say that we think we can be a secure supplier to America,” said Smith.

She said that increased production will come from the Trans Mountain Expansion opening up soon and by optimizing the systems currently within Alberta. She added that more natural gas and LNG export announcements will come soon.

Despite people talking in gloomy terms about the future of oil and gas, Smith said that a secure supply of oil and gas will remain necessary.

“We need to be the best barrel on the market so that we continue to make sure that our friends and trading partners have access to this energy.”