It’s the premiere episode of Off the Record! It’s Friday, so grab a drink, sit back and tune into True North’s newest show.

Off the Record features a casual sit-down (which is completely off the record!) with True North founder Candice Malcolm and other True North personalities. We weigh in on the top stories of the week and laugh at the left’s latest shenanigans.

This week, the left is having a complete meltdown over Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s parental rights policy. Who knew prohibiting children from receiving life-altering gender reassignment surgery and from taking puberty blockers would amount to a Trudeau cabinet minister claiming that this is their “NATO moment?”

And a real life rendition of the movie Lady Ballers took place in Toronto as five men pretended to be women to participate in a college volleyball contest. No surprises here — they dominated the female competition!

Plus, move over Drake – there’s a new rapper in town…Ben Shapiro? That’s right, the well-known American conservative pundit has topped the billboards for number one rap song.

These stories and more on the premiere episode of Off the Record with Candice Malcolm, Andrew Lawton and Harrison Faulkner. And remember – everything you hear on this episode is off the record!