Sudbury jail - Source: Global Detention Project

A 30-year-old Sudanese man has managed to evade deportation for the fourth time within just over a year.

Illay Mohamed, a refugee from the African nation, was released from jail by a Sudbury judge despite his history of violence.

The recent legal episode centred on a charge of bodily harm resulting from an altercation at the Sudbury jail in September.

Mohamed pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of assault. 

The recommendation from defence attorney Michael Michel and the Crown found favour with Justice Julie Lefebvre, leading to one year of probation and a suspended sentence. 

However, Lefebvre cautioned Mohamed about his violent history, urging him to address his anger issues to avert deportation.

Mohamed, confined since Mar. 30, 2023, was imprisoned for 64 days, which, coupled with previous sentences, granted him enough credit to avoid further jail time. Consequently, he secured release following the sentencing.

Michel, emphasizing the gravity of the situation, had previously warned Mohamed that this represented his final opportunity to avoid deportation. 

Mohamed has a history of violent offences, including weapon-related and assault convictions in 2021, and additional criminal activities in the last two years.

The September altercation arose from a disagreement between Mohamed and an inmate of Nigerian origin regarding the observance of Prisoners’ Justice Day.

Things escalated into a physical confrontation, with Mohamed inflicting injuries that necessitated medical attention on the other man. 

Correctional officers intervened using pepper spray, capturing the incident on surveillance footage.