The left, the Libs and the media are all pushing propaganda and lies about Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s new policies to protect children. They won’t even describe the policies. They just use vague euphemisms like “trans rights” and “access to healthcare” to describe the issue because they know that if they describe the gruesome details of their preferred policies, they will lose the audience.

While Danielle Smith brilliantly stick–handled the issue – exposing the extreme bias of the media and plainly explaining the rationale behind her common-sense position – the Conservative Party of Canada initially remained silent.

Pierre Poilievre finally broke his silence this week and took a firm stance.

He rightly pointed out how and why the media are lying about this issue – to cover for their man Justin Trudeau.

Danielle Smith should be commended for her courage and for holding her ground on this important issue. Thanks to her bold leadership, the federal conservatives eventually stepped up and did the right thing.