It’s Friday – which means it’s time for another episode of Off the Record with Candice Malcolm, Andrew Lawton and Harrison Faulkner. Kick back, grab a drink and enjoy the show!

This week, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau accused Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre of wanting to “Make Canada Great Again.” He said it like it was a bad thing – but with so many Canadians struggling right now, maybe that’s exactly what Poilievre is trying to do.

Plus, everybody seems to be upset with Loblaws this week in Ottawa as politicians accuse advisers and staff of being linked to the grocery chain. Forget the fact that taxes and inflation are driving up the cost of food production – it’s all “corporate greed” to the folks in Ottawa.

And NDP MP Charlie Angus wants to jail people who promote the oil and gas sector. Yes, you read that right.

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