The RCMP wants Grade 11 students who “identify as women” to apply for an internship in a new initiative that has sparked a wave of backlash against the federal police.

The RCMP unveiled on X a recruitment drive specifically targeting high school students in grade 11 who identify as women.

“We’re looking for high school students in grade 11 who identify as women. If that’s you and you’re curious about a career in public safety, we have a full week’s worth of paid work for you! Registration closes in 2 weeks,” wrote the RCMP. 

According to the application page, the “student employment opportunity” is 150 full-time positions paying $16.84 per hour for one week. Girls from Edmonton, Kingston, Moncton, Montreal Island, Ottawa and Surrey can apply. 

“Do you identify as a woman and are you currently in high school?” asked the RCMP. 

“Are you thinking about your plans after high school graduation? Are you interested in a career in public safety and security? If so, you may be a good fit for this student employment opportunity.”

The webpage goes on to say that applicants shouldn’t “forget to self-declare as a woman to be considered! Under the Employment equity self-declaration section of your application, answer “yes” to Gender-Female.”

“The Federal Government of Canada is dedicated to building an inclusive and diverse workforce that represents the Canadian population we serve. We encourage you to self-identify if you belong to other Employment Equity groups,” writes the RCMP. 

Critics on social media were quick to accuse the RCMP of kowtowing to woke gender ideology. Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada, echoed these sentiments, expressing disdain at the RCMP’s focus on gender identity. 

Others like renowned psychologist Jordan Peterson and commentator Jonathan Kay also ridiculed the proposal.