Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) training has become the norm in corporations, the public sector, and academia in an attempt to cleanse institutions of systemic racism and purge people’s biases. While the goal may be noble at its core, there is no proof these programs work. In fact, they actually make things worse, according to a new research report from Prof. David Millard Haskell of the Aristotle Foundation. He joins True North’s Andrew Lawton to discuss.

Also, British Columbia is doubling down on its “safe” drug supply programs despite a growing amount of evidence it is harmful. National Post writer Adam Zivo weighs in.

Plus, Canada’s finances may be in a terrible place, but a new study from the Fraser Institute lays out a roadmap to a balanced budget by as soon as 2027 if a serious course correction takes place. The think tank’s director of fiscal studies, Jake Fuss, returns to the show to explain how.



  • Andrew Lawton

    A Canadian broadcaster and columnist, Andrew serves as a journalism fellow at True North and host of The Andrew Lawton Show.