Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre says Justin Trudeau’s looming crackdown on online “hate speech” is a “woke authoritarian” tool used to censor opinions he doesn’t like.

“We will oppose Justin Trudeau’s latest attack on freedom of expression,” Poilievre said at a press conference Wednesday in response to a question from True North’s Andrew Lawton.

Poilievre posed a question of his own.

“What does Justin Trudeau mean when he says the words hate speech?” he said rhetorically. “He means speech he hates.”

Poilievre proceeded to list numerous examples of things labelled as hate speech by Trudeau, including when former adviser Gerald Butts said that it was hate speech to criticize Trudeau for using the term “peoplekind,” labelling those who made fun of Trudeau as “nazis.” 

Poilievre added that Trudeau said anyone who criticized him during the pandemic was engaging in hate speech. During the lockdowns, Trudeau said that protesters from the Freedom Convoy were “a small fringe minority” with “unacceptable views.”

 Another example provided by Poilievre was that anybody who disagrees with Trudeau’s radical agenda when it comes to kids is considered hate speech. 

“He attacked Muslim parents who were protesting against his agenda. Is he going to criminalize those Muslim parents for protecting their children in schools?” asked Poilievre.

Poilievre suggested that people should explore their own thoughts and determine what would be considered hate speech or deemed unacceptable views by Trudeau. 

“I point out the irony that someone who spent the first half of his adult life as a practicing racist, who dressed up in hideous racist costumes so many times he says he can’t remember them all, should then be the arbiter on what constitutes hate,” said Poilievre.

“What he should actually do is look into his own heart and ask himself why he was such a hateful racist… And maybe in that way, rather than through coercion, he could help us all in the fight against real hate.” 

Trudeau said why he felt the online harms bill was necessary when speaking at a news conference in Edmonton on Wednesday. He said that the bill would specifically cater towards protecting kids online.

The Liberals previously stalled a bill requiring age verification for online porn, designed to protect minors. Poilievre said that his government supports the bill.

“Mr. Poilievre hasn’t even seen the legislation we’re about to put forward next week. He’s already telling people exactly what it is and what it isn’t,” said Trudeau.

He added that Poilievre was interested in hurling insults to distract from the fact that he has no plan for housing, childcare, fighting climate change, or creating good jobs for the future.

The Liberals initially committed to introducing legislation combatting hate speech and terrorist content during their election campaign in 2019.