It’s Friday! Kick back, grab a drink and tune into Off the Record with Candice Malcolm, Andrew Lawton and pollster Hamish Marshall!

This week, we discuss how Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre continues to push back against radical trans ideology. Earlier this week, the Conservative Leader told reporters that “female spaces should be exclusively for females, not for biological males.” It’s about time the Conservatives finally take a stance on this important issue.

Plus, Jordan Peterson predicts the future of Canadian politics. He said if Poilievre forms government in the next election, he’ll only last a few years as he’ll get blamed for Justin Trudeau’s mismanagement of the country. As a result, someone like Mark Carney will lead the Liberals to victory in the following election. Do you agree with Peterson’s prediction?

And Canada’s healthcare is so bad at treating Canadians, people are actually considering doctor assisted suicide.

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