Toronto Metropolitan University has unveiled its new “gender-neutral” mascot, Frankie the Falcon. 

The decision, touted by the school formerly known as Ryerson University as a move towards inclusivity, has raised eyebrows as the university faces a class-action lawsuit by Jewish students over its alleged failure to address antisemitism on campus. 

In an article published in the TMU magazine, the university claims it received 1,200 suggestions for a new mascot. 

“In addition to being the only alliterative option, Frankie was a top choice for being gender-neutral. Its origins also resonated with the university’s values: to be frank is to be free, open-minded and bold,” wrote the magazine. 

TMU’s move to embrace a gender-neutral mascot comes amidst a broader cultural shift towards so-called “woke” policies and initiatives. 

Earlier this year, TMU was one of six Canadian universities embroiled in legal battles over allegations of antisemitism and the failure to provide a safe environment for Jewish students as pro-Hamas protests rock campuses. 

The class-action lawsuit, led by the law firm Diamond and Diamond, underscores concerns about the university’s commitment to upholding the rights and safety of all members of its community.

“Our position is that these universities go out of their way to protect the civil rights of every other minority except Jews,” said Sandra Zisckind, managing partner at Diamond and Diamond.

In 2022, Toronto Metropolitan University abandoned its former name of Ryerson University citing the namesake, Egerton Ryerson’s legacy, which activists claimed was one of racism.