A Canadian surgeon has served up a stark assessment of the effects of sex-change operations.

In a recent address to colleagues, Dr. Alex Laungani of Canada’s Metropolitan Center Of Surgery said there are particular risks associated with male-to-female genital surgeries, known as vaginoplasties.

Speaking at an event sponsored by the World Professional Association for Transgender Health, Dr. Laungani highlighted concerns regarding the quality of care provided to transgender patients undergoing such procedures. 

The event was recorded, and footage of Dr. Laungani’s remarks was made public following a records request by the Daily Caller News Foundation.

Dr. Laungani raised alarm over the increasing number of clinics catering to transgender patients, emphasizing a perceived lack of proper training among medical professionals.

“A gender surgeon should… have a training and documented supervision and gender-affirming procedure, which means we’ve seen a growing number of programs throughout the world of gender affirmation probably with a lack of training and not proper training for now,” said Dr. Laungani.

He argued that while the expansion of services has provided greater access to surgery for transgender individuals, it has come at the cost of adequate training and proficiency among practitioners.

“The most-dreaded complication is to perforate the rectum while you are dissecting the vaginal cavity,” Dr. Laungani stated.

“You are essentially dissecting the cavity between the prostate and the rectum and there’s literally no space there. So you have to create a new plane in a spot that doesn’t exist. So you’re very much close to the rectum and it’s very hard. It’s very easy to get in there.”

He also highlighted post-operative issues, including the reopening of surgical wounds in a significant percentage of cases and difficulties in achieving orgasm for many patients.

Furthermore, Dr. Laungani described the necessity for patients to regularly dilate their newly-created canals using a vibrator-like device to prevent collapse—a process he likened to a “full-time job” for the first few months post-surgery.

Conservative party leader Pierre Poilievre recently echoed concerns over irreversible gender transitions for children, applauding Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s stance on implementing “common-sense protections.”

In response to a poll indicating significant public support for banning gender reassignment surgeries and cross-sex hormones for children, Poilievre urged Prime Minister Trudeau to respect provincial autonomy on such matters.