A popular Calgary-based gay talk show host says his show was dropped by the LGBT network OutTV after he voiced support for Alberta Premier Danielle Smith and her recently announced gender and parental rights policies. 

David Oulton says he’s also faced online abuse from queer activists, who’ve called him homophobic slurs, labelled him as a traitor and accused him of supporting a genocide of transgender people.

Oulton has been the host of the award-nominated show called “Face to Face with David” since 2020. The LGBT-oriented fashion and entertainment show featured interviews with celebrities. While the show is self produced, it has been streaming on OutTV, in addition to other networks like Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV, Global TV and the Oprah Winfrey Network.

On Jan. 31, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith announced a ban on gender reassignment surgeries for minors, a ban on puberty blockers and cross-sex hormones for children under 16. She also created a requirement for parental notification and consent before a student under 16 can change his or her name or pronoun at school. Smith also announced a ban on biological males participating in women’s sports.

Following the announcement, Oulton, who identifies as a centre-right UCP supporter, gave interviews to legacy media outlets.

“These are very complicated, nuanced topics. People were asking for policy and asking for some kind of regulation to be implemented- and so I think she’s managed to strike an appropriate balance,” Oulton told Global News.

Backlash from queer activists

Oulton says he then began getting hate from queer activists shortly after speaking to the media. Activists also took issue with an Instagram post of him with Smith.

“The level of homophobia and hate speech and nasty comments and messages and threats directed to me have been astronomical,” Oulton told True North. “And 99% of it is from within the LGBT community.”

Oulton provided True North with screenshots of some of the messages and comments he’s received.

“Hey David, you’re a f***ing traitor to your community. Go f**k yourself for the pain you’ve caused… You’re trash.”

“This is deplorable. I’m so glad we have people… to counter the deranged views from such a hateful member in the community. David Oulton you should be ashamed of yourself and no wonder your birth family dumped you.”

“Love the ‘gay bestie’ optics a week before putting queer kids in danger. The (fag) she’s with is a real (piece of s**t) for attempting to spin the UCP as allies.”

“Canada’s OUTtv has a proudly homophobic gay host who endorses conversion therapy for trans kids. David Oulton consulted on the UCP’s new anti-trans policy in Alberta and is happy with the result.”

Oulton said activists have even threatened to harm his dog. 

OutTV parts ways with Oulton

Oulton says that rather than support him, OutTV caved to the mob and dropped his show. 

“My entire income stream has dried up. I have lost every piece of future employment in the last couple of weeks. The next show that I was supposed to host I’ve been fired from,” he explained.

“I had an executive from another network tell me that I’m radioactive, and that my career is over. I’ve had other people in the entertainment industry, who were really good friends of mine, call me and condemn me for ‘helping the Premier to commit genocide.’”

Oulton told True North he found the reaction to be nonsensical.

“When people talk about extremism, they talk about the far-right. People don’t talk about the far-left who go out of their way to dismantle my show. (OutTV) stopped airing my show because of the backlash.”

In a statement to True North, OutTV CEO Brad Danks confirmed that Oulton’s show is no longer on the network. 

“We can confirm David Oulten’s self-produced series Face to Face with David is no longer on OutTV in Canada and North America. The show was not cancelled as it was never an OutTV commission. The series is still available on other broadcasters, however, we have chosen to discontinue airing the series due to the focus of some of the episodes as well as declining viewership.”

Oulton told True North that while he remains available on other platforms for now, he says those will just be reruns of already produced episodes. He also said his reputation within LGBT entertainment circles has been ruined, after being labelled a transphobe.

A record of gay activism & transgender solidarity

Oulton’s deplatforming came despite him being a supporter of transgender rights. On his show, he has platformed transgender people, as well as drag queens.

“I’ve had drag queens and transgender advocates and allies on my show to educate around trans issues and understand and learn and gain an education around it,” he said.

Last June, Oulton joined A-list celebrities like Ariana Grande, Demi Levato and Shawn Mandes in signing a letter by LGBT organization GLAAD calling for social media companies to address misinformation around transgender healthcare and crack down on anti-LGBT hate on their platform.

He also told True North he’s associated with an initiative that helps LGBT youth escape Taliban-controlled Afghanistan and resettle in Canada.

Oulton’s support of Smith & her policies based on lived experience:

While Oulton supports transgender people, he said he has concerns with the push to transition young children, and believes safeguards should be put in place.

“I think we need to let children be children and that parents have a responsibility to raise their children and protect them and keep them safe,” said Oulton.

Oulton told True North he grew up in a very unstable, abusive household, and was put into adoption as a teenager. But he also believes that while bad parents do exist, they are vastly outnumbered by good parents who love their children.

He also believes Smith’s intentions on LGBT policy are of good faith.

“My experience with the premier has been nothing but amazing and showing allyship and support,” he said. “She’s shown me unwavering support multiple times.”

“She loves trans children. She’s got a family member, who’s going through this process. She’s got first hand experience dealing with these issues.”

Smith has publicly said she has a family member who identifies as “non-binary.”