Podcaster Joe Rogan criticized the Trudeau government and endorsed Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre for prime minister, during a recent episode of the Joe Rogan Experience with guest comedian Tom Green. 

“If he gets elected again, you guys are gluttons for punishment,” Rogan told guest Tom Green on a recent episode of his podcast, which aired on Saturday.

Rogan also called Trudeau a “weasel” and described the prime minister as “what I don’t like in leaders.”

The two came to the subject of Canadian politics after Green urged Rogan to return to Canada to visit and perform. 

Rogan had said on a previous episode in December that he would not be returning north of the border anymore in protest of the Trudeau government. 

“I want you to come to Canada Joe,” said Green. 

“I don’t go up there anymore,” responded Rogan. “What they’ve done up there, what they did with the trucker rally and what Trudeau is doing with guns and what they’re trying to clamp down on censorship on the Internet. That guy can eat s***. That place needs 100% an overhaul of government. They’re sliding down that dangerous road of communism. It scares the s*** out of me,” said Rogan in December. 

While speaking with Green, Rogan wanted to clarify that his remarks were not directed at Canadian citizens. Rogan also endorsed Poilievre for prime minister.

“I love Canadians, I just hate their government. Pierre Poilievre … that guy makes so much more sense. He’s so common sense, calling out all the nonsense that’s been done under this administration, which has been so sad to watch.”

Green is a comedian and former television host who recently moved back to his hometown of Ottawa after spending 20 years living and working in Los Angeles. 

“This is so common in Canada … driving around everywhere in the country, in the city, everywhere, people in pickup trucks [have] ‘F*** Trudeau’ flags … It says ‘F*** Trudeau.’… Canada flag on it. People are mad … he might not get elected the next time,” said Green.

“I hope he doesn’t,” responded Rogan.

During his appearance, Green wanted American listeners to understand just how similar the people and political dynamics are between the U.S. and Canada.

“You’ve got Biden as the president now … it’s the same thing, half the country hates the party in power and they want to get him out. As a proud Canadian, I wanted to (make) the distinction that Canada’s like (America). Everybody’s arguing about issues, important issues, it’s being reinforced through these algorithms,” explained Green.

“People get mad about it … I sometimes (think), wouldn’t it be interesting if Pierre Poilievre won the next election because all of a sudden we’d have a conservative government up there. Then, let’s say Biden wins down here, you have a conservative government up there, and Tucker Carlson will be going up to Canada all of a sudden talking about how great we are. It can all turn on a dime.”

Rogan, who is also a UFC commentator, has been a longstanding critic of Trudeau and an ardent supporter of the Freedom Convoy protestors over the past several years. 

During a UFC event held in Toronto last month, the crowd began chanting, “F*** Trudeau!” and videos of the incident were widely circulated online.

“They’re yelling ‘F*** Trudeau’,” said Rogan during a livestream of the event.

The chants were likely connected to comments made before the event by UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland during a pre-fight press conference wherein he accused the Canadian media of having a Liberal bias. 

“Were you a Covid bank account stealer?” asked Strickland of one reporter, referring to Freedom Convoy protestors who had their bank accounts frozen under the Emergencies Act in February 2022. “Were you on board with that?”

Strickland went on to say of the reporter, “He’s going to go and give my f****** bank account information to f****** Trudeau.”

Green later quipped that Rogan himself should run for office in Canada.

“In Canada, you don’t have to be born in Canada to run for Prime Minister. You could run for Prime Minister. You could come and solve all this stuff. You’d have to live up there but it’s a nice place. Come on up to Canada. You would win too, that’s the thing,” said Green. 

“That’s so scary,” responded Rogan. “I’m so unqualified to run a country.”

Rogan responded by saying him becoming Prime Minister of Canada would be more crazy than Donald Trump having served as president in the U.S.