Source: PM.GC.CA

The Trudeau government has unveiled new legislation to crack down on so-called “hate speech.” Of course the government isn’t specifying what “hate speech” is but it’s clear what Justin Trudeau’s intentions are – he’s cracking down speech he hates. This is what leftist authoritarianism looks like.

Bill C-63, which is being presented by the government under the guise of “protecting children,” enables people to file complaints against others for posting “hate speech” and empowers the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal to order payments of up to $70,000. Instead of sounding the alarm on Trudeau’s latest attack on free speech, unsurprisingly, the legacy media is celebrating this power grab.

True North’s Candice Malcolm says Trudeau is pretending C-63 is about protecting your safety and children’s safety, but in reality Trudeau wants to control the internet, just like how he controls the media.

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