Despite dozens of recommendations from the Public Order Emergencies Commission on reforms to the Emergencies Act, the federal Liberal government is only committing to engaging in further consultations with provinces, Indigenous groups, and other stakeholders, before entertaining changes. True North’s Andrew Lawton says that after the Federal Court finding that the government’s use of the act was unconstitutional, they want to just shove everything under the rug.

Also, Justin Trudeau’s assault on free speech, Bill C-63, opens the door to mass regulation of internet speech under the guise of combatting “online hate.” Andrew discusses with Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms president John Carpay.

Plus, while it seems like wokeness is out of control, a new study from the Macdonald-Laurier Institute suggests Canadians aren’t actually that woke after all. Author Eric Kaufmann, a professor at the University of Buckingham, joins to explain.



  • Andrew Lawton

    A Canadian broadcaster and columnist, Andrew serves as a journalism fellow at True North and host of The Andrew Lawton Show.