Source: Instagram ottawa4.palestine

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was interrupted on a Thunder Bay, Ont. snowboarding trip by pro-Palestinian protesters demanding he call for a ceasefire between Israel and Hamas.

Trudeau was in the northern Ontario city to make a housing announcement and attend a fundraising event, after which he went snowboarding at the city’s Loch Lomond Ski Area. 

A video of their exchange was posted to the Instagram account ottawa4.palestine with a caption that read, “Canadian Crime minister genocide Justin confronted by pro-Palestinian skier on when he will advocate for a TRUE ceasefire and calls him out for his hypocritical behaviour with his ongoing support for Ukraine and lack thereof for Palestine!”

The exchange is already underway as the video begins with pro-Palestinian skiers expressing their anger with Trudeau for not doing enough to aid those in Gaza.

“We’re sending in, we’re sending in…we’re getting people out,” said Trudeau to the group. 

Several of the protesters are speaking at once, making it hard to understand what they were saying. 

“Thank you. I called for a ceasefire in December and I’ll keep calling for a ceasefire,” said Trudeau, who then left the group on his snowboard. 

The Trudeau government voted in favour of a non-binding UN resolution that called for an immediate ceasefire between Israel and Hamas in December.

The exchange garnered much praise from the Instagram account’s comment section, with one user writing, “May he never know another day of peace.”

Another user wrote, “Give him and his ilk NO PEACE until they comply. And get him on the illegal sale of their lands happening within Canada.”

“Yessssss, no justice no peace!!! Don’t let him rest, don’t let him enjoy himself! Well done folks!!” wrote one Instagram user. 

Some users were less impressed by the act, as one user wrote, “Cornering a politican (while) he’s with his kids is pretty gross.”