Source: Media Bezirgan

Canada’s broken immigration system is spilling out onto the streets and creating chaos and division like we’ve never seen before in Canada. But instead of focussing on actually fixing Canada, the Trudeau government is more worried about meeting with a terrorist and appeasing the pro-Hamas mobs.

Trudeau’s ministers met and held hands with Mahmoud Abbas, the Palestinian dictator who has denied the Holocaust and is openly and proudly anti-semitic. Further, the Liberals supported a radical anti-Israel NDP motion in the House of Commons which supported the establishment of the State of Palestine. Meanwhile, warring tribes continue to clash in Canadian cities, crime runs rampant and foreign workers are lining up in droves for minimum wage jobs.

Candice Malcolm says the government is prioritizing foreign politics over Canadians. Everything the government does is determined not by principle or their morals and values, but instead by winning votes. As a consequence, Canada’s social fabric is coming apart.

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