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The Liberal government’s parliamentary secretary for foreign affairs Rob Oliphant admitted that his party has been playing political games to obfuscate the Conservatives’ support for Ukraine.

In asking a question to Ukraine’s ambassador to Canada before parliament’s foreign affairs and international development committee, Oliphant said that he believes that Canadians and their members of parliament support Ukraine in their war against Russia.

“Canada’s commitment to Ukraine is unwavering, I believe Canadians’ commitment is unwavering, and despite the political games that we play, I believe the opposition’s commitment is unwavering” said Oliphant. 

Oliphant admitted that he may be penalized by his party for making such a statement, but reaffirmed his position.

“I may get in trouble for saying that, but I really believe that and we only get ahead if we do that and don’t play games with this.” 

True North reached out to Oliphant to clarify his position on the Conservative Party’s support for Ukraine, but no reply was given.

Commenting on the video, Conservative MP James Bezan demanded that the Prime Minister apologize for undermining Canada’s unified support for Ukraine for political gain.

“Liberals finally admit that they have been using Ukraine as a pawn in their political games. Trudeau should apologize to all Ukrainians for undermining Canada’s united support for Ukraine with his divisive partisan games.”

In recent months, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has vigorously questioned and attacked the Conservatives on their support for Ukraine.

Trudeau has attacked the Conservatives for opposing his government’s free-trade deal with Ukraine, claiming that the Tories have fallen under the influence of former U.S. President Donald Trump has the Republican Party’s hesitancy to further support the beleaguered country.

However, Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre has reiterated his party’s support for Ukraine in their war against Russia.

Poilievre has made statements in which he has called Russian President Vladimir Putin an “evil dictator,” and has called for the Canadian government to develop the means to export natural gas to Europe to offset the continent’s dependence on Russian energy.

The Conservative leader claims that his party voted against the updated free trade agreement with Ukraine because of a provision in the agreement that he says will force Ukraine to adopt a carbon tax.

The Canada-Ukraine free trade deal updates an agreement that former Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government had crafted.