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Shark Tank star and the self-styled “Mr. Wonderful” Kevin O’Leary had some choice words for the “total incompetence” exhibited by the federal Liberal cabinet. 

In his characteristically blunt style, O’Leary called for Trudeau to be fired on news anchor Daniela Cambone’s podcast. While they covered various economic and political topics, O’Leary’s most critical comments came during a discussion about Canada.

“Look at the natural resources the country has per capita. It’s one of the richest countries on earth, run by complete idiots,” he said.

O’Leary explained that it’s vital that Trudeau be thanked for his service and removed from office. While saying that Trudeau was the worst manager in Canada’s history, he’s not the only person that O’Leary blamed.

“Total incompetency underneath him in the cabinet seats. Total incompetency in almost every mandate. Absolutely the worst I’ve ever seen. The very, very, very worst,” said O’Leary.

Canadians are finally starting to wake up and realize just how poorly their country is being run, O’Leary explained.

O’Leary said, despite his criticisms, he wants to support Canada and is a big believer in its potential. 

While speaking about one of Canada’s greatest resources, mining, O’Leary said investors can’t get anything done in Canada. He was responding to a question about how Canadian billionaires Pierre Lassonde and Frank Giustra were vocal with a media campaign urging the feds to invest pensions to fund Canadian mining, saying that the mining industry has been lost to foreign giants in China.

O’Leary said that with the revolutionization of AI, data centres are needed across the world. They require approximately 100MW of energy to operate, according to the Canadian businessman. He added that Canada has only 8% of what it needs, and the average AI data centre is a $3.6 billion project.

“Canada should have at least five of them. There are none of them going on right now because you can’t get energy permits. That’s controlled by Trudeau’s government. And so, you don’t even try. You wouldn’t even waste your time trying to go through the regulatory process of getting a permit issued,” he said.

O’Leary added that Canada can’t change directions until Trudeau is removed from office 

“No one is going to risk capital there. You cannot get anything done in Canada, not in mining, not in data centres, not in anything to do with the federal government,” said O’Leary. “They are crippling the Canadian economy with mismanagement.”

O’Leary said that no matter the measure you analyze during Trudeau’s tenure, things have progressively worsened yearly. 

“It’s so important that he be swapped out. It’s just the most important thing Canadians can do. They could vote for anybody else and do better. Anybody else.”

True North reached out to the Prime Minister’s Office for comment but received no response.