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Conservatives are surging in the polls across the country. Not only are Poilievre’s Conservatives in firm majority territory but even provincial Conservative parties are becoming increasingly popular.

According to the most recent polls, if an election were held today, Poilievre would win a sweeping majority, and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals would be relegated to 3rd or possibly even 4th place – behind the Bloc Quebecois and neck and neck with the NDP.

But there won’t be an election anytime soon. Why? Because NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh wouldn’t dare trigger an election until he becomes eligible for his golden pension – in 2025.

The Libs are cooking up a new scheme to ensure that even more of their MPs become eligible for the multi-million dollar, taxpayer-funded life-long pension.

On today’s episode of the Candice Malcolm Show, Candice is joined by pollster and Conservative insider Hamish Marshall. They discuss political trends, proposed changes to the Election Act, the problems with mail-in ballots and voter fraud.

They also talk about British Columbia politics, where a seismic shift has seen the BC Conservatives surge from obscurity to contender in the upcoming October provincial election.

Tune in to get the inside scoop!