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Conservative pundit Dave Rubin says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be incarcerated over his decision to freeze protester bank accounts during the Freedom Convoy.

During a Monday episode of The Dave Rubin Show, Rubin called Trudeau a “horrible communist” who “should be in jail.” 

Rubin spoke about how governments will often test the limits of their people to see how far they can erode the rights of their citizenry before getting a reaction. 

He referenced comments made by Jordan Peterson on the Joe Rogan Experience podcast several years ago, where Peterson broke down how authoritarian regimes will only push a little bit at a time so that it doesn’t seem like a sacrifice. However, over time people wind up being in a place they would never have agreed to initially. 

Rubin cited the Trudeau government’s implementation of vaccine passports and other measures in 2021 as an example of this kind of tactic.

“Do you remember when Justin Trudeau, the horrible communist with the nice socks up in Canada? Remember when he became the worst sort of authoritarian leader during COVID because a couple people, some truckers, wanted to open up the country?” asked Rubin. “And what did he do? He froze their bank accounts.” 

It was through the invocation of the Emergencies Act that the Trudeau government justified freezing the bank accounts of those opposing COVID-19 mandates during the three-week-long Freedom Convoy protest in Ottawa in February 2022. 

“They test you, and then they see, and then they push you again,” said Rubin. “That was only two years ago. Do you think they’re done with all that?”

“He should be in jail,” said Rubin, referring to Trudeau. “If there was a just society, which there isn’t, he would be in jail.”  

Chirs Barber, an organizer of the Freedom Convoy still on trial for his role in the protest, among numerous plaintiffs suing the federal government for freezing their bank accounts after a Federal Court finding that the Emergencies Act was unconstitutional and unreasonable.