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Toronto Metropolitan University sociologists are trying to find Zionist sympathizers in their midst after their statement condemning Israel for so-called “genocide,” “educide,” “scholasticide,” and “epistemicide” was leaked to the media.

Members of the department started panicking and blaming “Zios” – referring to those who support a Jewish state – after their controversial resolution was shared with Quillette journalist Jonathan Kay.

“Just to let you know, our statement, or a screenshot of two pages from it anyway, is already on Twitter,” wrote sociology associate professor  Christopher Powell. “It’s possible that this was shared by someone on the TFA (faculty union) executive who has Zionist sympathies.” 

“These Zios rely on our anger and engagement to fuel misinformation and say their silly little ‘but but but what about Hamas?!?!’ moments,” replied Ameera Faidi. “Wishing you all a lovely day free from these losers and their brain-rotting commentary. Keep yourself safe and rely on your people and allies for support, and you can find them right here in this group.”

“Forgive my casualness, these Zios are so beneath me, I don’t care to filter my voice when I talk about them,” added Faidi.

The exchange then turned to wondering who was responsible for the leak.

“Is it possible that there were watchful Zionist eyes who may have infiltrated yesterday’s §(Students for Justice in Palestine) event? Or is this a case of Zionist nepo babies tattletaling to their TMU-affiliated parents…?” asked another individual. “Document/keep a log of everything, and stay vigilant, friends…especially on campus.”

Sociology professor Jacqui Gingras said in the thread that a union colleague told her a student has previously been Kay’s source.

“I’m not saying it was a student in this case, but start a file,” Gingras added.

Gingras’ bio on TMU’s website notes that she “explores social health movements, fat studies, critical pedagogies, and decolonization of higher education and health professions within the entanglements of colonial neoliberal economics and intersectional feminism.”

She teaches a course called “sociology of bodies.” and is involved in various DEI initiatives.

Powell and Faidi declined to comment further, while Gingras ignored True North’s request. TMU’s department of sociology also did not respond to a request for comment.

True North obtained a copy of the anti-Israel document in question, which claims that “the reprehensible level of Israeli destruction of educational institutions has resulted in the obliteration of all of the 12 universities in Gaza.” 

“These assaults, which constitute educide, scholasticide and epistemicide, have devastating consequences on present and future generations of Palestinians,” the document adds.

The sociology department wants the TMU administration to “take a position of support that enables dialogue and debate” around the ongoing war as well as the so-called “genocide and apartheid in Gaza and the West Bank.”

It also wants a campus task force on “anti-Arab racism and Islamophobia.”

The department members define the term “educide” as “the mass destruction of a country or region’s educational infrastructure because of war, invasion, conflict, terrorism or mass killings;”  “scholaticide” as the “systematic destruction of Palestinian education by Israel to counter a tradition of Palestinian learning;” and “epistemicide” as “the killing of knowledge systems.”

The resolution did condemn the Oct. 7 attacks on Israel and call for a return of the hostages, but it also asserted that “Zionism does not support Palestinian self-determination.”

Online, the department received criticism over the anti-Israel resolution.

Prominent Toronto Jewish doctor David Jacobs noted that “peaceful coexistence should be the desired outcome in any conflict,” and that “this statement does not advance peace.”

Columnist ​​Barbara Kay accused the university of “logocide,” meaning “an attempt to kill a word or to pervert a meaning in order to destroy it.”