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In a bold move underscoring its commitment to free speech, the social media platform X has declared its financial backing of a legal battle launched by Dr. Matt Strauss, an Ontario-based critical care physician and Conservative candidate, against his former employer. 

The lawsuit targets Queen’s University over allegations of censorship and professional reprisal over Strauss’ outspoken criticism of lockdowns and other overreaching measures during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Announcing their support on the official X News account, the platform stated, “X is proud to fund a lawsuit filed by Dr. Matthew Strauss, an Ontario critical care physician and professor, against his former employer, Queen’s University.”

According to the statement, Queen’s University purportedly subjected Strauss to public condemnation and professional repercussions after he expressed dissenting views on COVID-19 lockdowns and mandates via his X account (@strauss_matt).

“(Queen’s University) publicly ostracized him, retaliated against him, and ultimately forced him to resign because his opinions did not conform to the university’s political orthodoxy,” wrote X News. 

“(X) supports Dr. Strauss’s efforts to vindicate his free speech rights without fear of unfair retaliation!”

Strauss, a vocal critic of widespread lockdown measures and vaccine mandates during the pandemic, faced substantial backlash for his stance. Despite the controversy, he clinched the Conservative nomination for Kitchener–South Hespeler last November.

The Ontario physician also served as Haldimand-Norfolk’s acting medical officer of health.

His advocacy for an “individualized” approach to public health measures clashed with mainstream orthodoxy, triggering calls for his dismissal and igniting debates over the scope of governmental intervention.

Previously affiliated with Queen’s University’s medical faculty, Strauss alleges that the institution resorted to “malicious, aggressive, condescending, and defamatory statements” to oust him from his position. 

His lawsuit seeks redress for what he perceives as an infringement on his freedom of expression and professional integrity.
X’s announcement comes after the company’s owner, Elon Musk, pledged to pay the remainder of another Ontario doctor’s legal bills. Dr. Kulvinder Kaur Gill was also an outspoken critic of government mandates and faced a legal battle for expressing her views.