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Thousands of Hamas sycophants gathered in Toronto this past weekend (and tens of thousands more in other cities around the world) to whine about the ‘Nakba.’

Nakba Day is officially May 15, but that doesn’t stop this yarn from being spun at every opportunity.

Frankly, this entire Nakba narrative is old. So let’s debunk it, again, shall we?

Palestinian activists describe the Nakba as the mass displacement and dispossession of Palestinian people during the Arab-Israeli War, which was immediately waged by Arab countries after Israel declared independence.

The Nakba was not the catastrophe of ethnic cleansing and violence against Palestinians the pro-Hamas mob purport it to be. The Nakba was the Arabs losing a war they started — in the most humiliating way. 

Since this important history is not part of most any school’s curriculum, here’s some much-needed education — with the simplest explanation:

On May 14, 1948, Israel declared independence. Immediately following that declaration, Egypt, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Syria, and Saudi Arabia waged a genocidal war against the new Jewish state. 

Their plan: the complete and utter annihilation of Israel and the Jewish people. Israel had no army and few weapons. Adversaries ambushed them from all directions. While the United States and United Kingdom prevented Israel from getting arms, the Brits trained and armed the Arabs. 

Against all odds, the tiny and unprepared Israel defeated six trained and well-armed armies. 

It stands as one of the greatest military humiliations in history. 

And the Arabs and Palestinians repeated similar self-inflicted humiliations, most notably in 1967 and again in 1973. 

If you want to talk about a real Nakba, then talk about the one million Jews ethnically cleansed from Arab countries. Those Jews were forced to flee, after murders, rapes, and pogroms. Generations of their wealth, history, and places of worship left behind.

No refugee status. No United Nations cheque every month for seven generations. No “right of return.”

Oh, and why is 20 per cent of Israel’s population Arab-Israeli? 

Well, as part of that 1948 war, Arab leaders ordered Arabs on Israeli land to leave their homes. They promised them they could return home after they exterminated the Jews. 

Israelis pleaded with the Arabs not to listen.

“We are peace-loving people,” the Israelis published widely, inviting the Arabs to stay. “There is no cause for fear which others try to instill in you.”

The ones who fled went to various refugee camps throughout the Arab states. Their living conditions were poor and the Arab states did not grant them any rights. 

Israel offered to take the refugees back. But nope! They refused to live amongst the Jews. 

The 200,000 Arabs who did not leave remain today as part of the Arab-Israeli population that has flourished to two million. Their rights are equal to those of Jewish-Israelis. 

The Nakba was never a catastrophe dealt by Israel to Arabs; it was always a self-inflicted embarrassment.

This is not taught to Arab or Palestinian children in schools because it’s humiliating to their people. 

But why isn’t this important piece of history taught in schools everywhere else around the world? Too many schools in Canada, for instance, allow this propaganda to be a part of their classroom studies.

And from a marketing perspective, this propaganda is well-positioned to be accepted by people who don’t know any better because they never received this education in any history class.

The word “Nakba” is also cleverly wielded. 

A non-English word, it acts as a mysterious, yet symbolic placeholder for whatever trauma your mind can conjure. The ambiguity gives it power. The unfamiliarity of its language and culture gives it a sense of empathetic authenticity. 

You want it to be real, so you can demonstrate your empathy for its cause. 

Now, if you happen to encounter someone who doesn’t absorb facts, let’s break this down again — in the absolute simplest way possible: 

The Nakba was the Arabs’ effort to colonize another country, genocide its people, lose a brutal war they started, and then whine about it to the world, forevermore.

Essentially, Nakba is also the biggest scam in the history of humankind. Now, in 2024, history repeats itself — yet again. 

Which also means Israel will emerge victorious again.

Dahlia Kurtz is a writer, speaker and radio talk show host in Canada. Her latest book, Dear Zionist, You are not alone: 18 Letters of Hope and Light, is available at and on Amazon.


  • Dahlia Kurtz

    Dahlia Kurtz is a writer, speaker and radio talk show host in Canada. Her latest book, Dear Zionist, You are not alone: 18 Letters of Hope and Light, is available at and on Amazon.