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Andrew is away this week, so Canadian Taxpayers’ Federation Alberta Director, Kris Sims, will be hosting the show!

A new survey reveals 58% of Canadians are aware of the proposed capital gains tax changes, but only 24% view them favourably, with 35% opposed. Kris explains why Canadians are concerned about these proposed changes.

Also, if current trends persist, by 2030 nearly all legacy newsroom salaries will be funded by the government. Former CRTC vice chair Peter Menzies joins the show to discuss.

Plus, while Canadians are feeling the strain of increased government spending, how are our British counterparts faring? Kris Sims takes a look across the pond with Elliot Keck of the U.K. Taxpayer’s Alliance.

And finally, Parks Canada is spending $12 million on a program to eradicate European fallow deer on Sidney Island, B.C., employing foreign sharpshooters rather than local hunters. Carson Binda of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation joins to explain.