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Calls for intifada on Canadian streets by radical pro-Hamas protesters have put the U.S. Congress on alert. 

U.S. Democrat Congressman Greg Landsman pointed to anti-Israel protesters in Canada as an example of the success of the Islamic Regime in Iran’s plan to control the way that Westerners view the conflict in the Middle East.

“Recently, Canadian protesters gathered and declared, ‘What happened on Oct. 7 was the beginning of the great intifada. It has spread in the minds of people of the free world. When you scream with a loud voice, ‘long live Oct. 7,’ you will understand that these people decided to end their miseries and this nightmare called Israel,’” Landsman said to Congress.

After Iran launched hundreds of drones and missiles at Israel, open support for terrorism became increasingly common in Canada.

“In response to calls like these, the Iranian Ayatollah has said ‘it is working.’ That is right. He sees all of these protests against Israel, and the Ayatollah has said, ‘it is working,’” Landsman said.

His speech centered around the critical role Iran plays in the continuation of Hamas’ war against Israel.

“It has been said that there are four barriers to peace in the Middle East, but we are 

here tonight because there is only one barrier to peace, and that is the government of Iran,” Landsman said.

He mentioned that he was one of the few Jewish members of the House and noted the progress many countries in the Middle East have made toward peace and civility. 

Just decades ago every Arab nation in the region swore to wage war on Israel until it was no longer a state. Now many Arab countries not only acknowledge Israel’s statehood but co-operate with the Jewish state as well.

“Historically, Arab nations were united against Israel, launching frequent attacks with the intent of destroying the Jewish state, but things slowly changed one realignment at a time, achieved through American leadership and American partnership,” he said. “However, there is one glaring exception toward this progress, the totalitarian regime in Iran, which remains intent on Israel’s destruction and disrupting the path to peace. It creates chaos in the region.”

He said the media and activists have pushed a narrative that Israel is a vast country bullying a smaller region, like the biblical story of Goliath attacking the Israelites.

“If you looked at a map and you zoomed in, you may think that, too. There is Israel, and there is Gaza, very small. However, if you zoom out, you will see the reality of what is going on, and that the Goliath isn’t Israel, but it is Iran,” he said.

He noted that the totalitarian state has funded over 20 terrorist organizations surrounding Israel, has funded Houthi rebels in Yemen and is responsible for attacks against U.S. service members and more recently U.S. ships in the Red Sea.

Similar to the Ayatollah in Iran looking at Canada as an example of their success in controlling the narrative around the Israeli conflict, in December Hamas leadership thanked the Canadian government for their calls for a ceasefire in the region.
The Liberal government put out a statement distancing themselves from the terrorist group, saying that Canada’s call for a ceasefire was conditional on Hamas surrendering and releasing the Israeli hostages it took on Oct. 7.