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The latest poll shows the Conservatives with a twenty per cent lead over the Liberals, but Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says not to worry, it’s just because Canadians aren’t in “decision mode” right now. He says the way people vote is different from how they answer pollsters’ questions. Do you agree, or is Trudeau in the most severe case of denial Canada has ever seen?

Plus, anti-Israel activists at McGill University are under fire for running a “revolutionary” youth summer camp, promoted with images of young people wearing keffiyahs and holding a rifle. National Post columnist Barbara Kay has wondered where all of the university Jewish studies programs have been with antisemitism on campus so rampant. She joins the show to discuss.

Plus, a new study finds there is no link between a company’s ESG (environmental, social governance) score and its financial returns, so why are shareholders being told there is? Andrew digs in with Fraser Institute senior fellow Steven Globerman.



  • Andrew Lawton

    Andrew Lawton is the managing editor of True North and host of The Andrew Lawton Show. He is the author of two bestselling books, including his most recent work, "Pierre Poilievre: A Political Life."