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Doctors speaking at a United Conservative Party event purporting to expose COVID-19 vaccine harms say top health officials and politicians are now trying to pretend they never touted the safety of the jab. 

A host of experts from the fields of children’s medicine, vaccinology, and emergency medicine criticised the global response to the pandemic at the UCP Calgary-Lougheed constituency association’s Injection of Truth town hall Monday night. 

Many of the doctors have had their licences revoked for speaking out about the harms of the COVID jabs, but continue to criticise public health authorities for pushing the vaccines. 

“Recently, they’re trying to pretend they never said these things,” paediatric neurologist Eric Payne said at the event. “The lies are coming down from the very top.” 

Payne said he doesn’t know of a single healthy child that died from COVID-19 during the pandemic, despite government messaging warning kids that they would harm their grandparents if they didn’t get the shot. 

He also took aim at Liberal MP Anthony Housefather for saying no vaccine safety data was missing as the federal government pushed the COVID jabs when testing had only been done for two months. 

“To call these things vaccines, it’s just not the truth,” Payne said, referring to them as an experimental drug.

Payne was one of four Alberta doctors who launched a lawsuit against Alberta Health Services’ mandatory workplace COVID-19 vaccination policy in October 2021.

Academic viral immunologist Byram Bridle said his concerns about COVID-19 have repeatedly been proven correct. He said he’s been blamed for vaccine hesitancy, when in fact, public health, government officials, and legacy media are responsible because they pushed the vaccine. 

“COVID is less dangerous than the flu for children,” he said. 

Emergency doctor Mark Trozzi said the pandemic would have been over in a few months if people at risk for serious impacts from the coronavirus voluntarily isolated and everyone else went about their lives. He said kids needed to be exposed to the virus so their bodies would develop natural immunity.

Trozzi said mortality rates for kids were already rising in 2020, before the vaccines were rolled out, because isolation damaged kids’ immune systems. 

A College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario discipline tribunal stripped Trozzi of his medical licence in January as he continued to speak about what he said were the dangers of the COVID vaccines.

Ontario doctor Chris Shoemaker shared the story of Dan Hartman, whose son died after being vaccinated against COVID-19, which he did to continue playing hockey.

“He was perfectly healthy. There was nothing wrong with him,” Hartman said in a video that played at the town hall. “And I want someone to tell the damn truth of why my son isn’t alive anymore.” 

Shoemaker said stories like Hartman are in the “legions.”

“The people denying it are the deniers,” he said. “The people who are lying about it are the liars. They’ve been the liars from the beginning.”