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A master of disguise, he wasn’t.

Indian police have arrested a 24-year-old man who tried to board a flight to Canada posing as a 67-year-old.

The young man was stopped by airport security in India before he could board an Air Canada flight after they noticed his appearance didn’t match that of the passport he was attempting to travel with.   

India’s Central Industrial Security Force identified the man as Guru Sewak Singh while he was still detained at Delhi’s Indira Gandhi International Airport.

Singh has allegedly been involved in human trafficking and impersonation.

“Vigilant CISF personnel intercepted a passenger bound for Canada involved in human trafficking & impersonation,” wrote the security agency in a social media post. 

“The pax attempted to travel by impersonating an aged person and using false documents. The passenger was handed over to Delhi Police.”

Officials became suspicious after quickly noticing his odd appearance, which included glasses and hair dyed white to look older. 

Security also took issue with the discrepancy between the texture of his skin and his youthful sounding voice, when compared to the photo of the passport he was using, that of sexagenerian Rashvindar Singh Sahota. 

Upon further investigation by CISF, Singh confessed his real identity and offered up his actual passport.

He was subsequently taken into custody by Delhi police.