Source: World Economic Forum

Chrystia Freeland continues to sit on the trustee board for the World Economic Forum while serving as Canada’s deputy prime minister and finance minister. She and the Canadian delegation spent over $40,000 in travel costs attending this year’s meeting, but it’s not clear what Canadians got out of it. She has provided only generalities about her agenda there, even in a reply to specific questions about her meetings from Conservative MP Leslyn Lewis. True North’s Andrew Lawton discusses.

Also, Justin Trudeau says he needs to be reelected because democracies are under threat around the world.

Plus, a judge has granted an injunction to the University of Toronto to clear out the anti-Israel encampment at the school. Josh Dehaas from the Canadian Constitution Foundation joins to discuss.

And the federal government wants all cars to be electric or hybrid by 2035. Economist Ross McKitrick says this mandate could destroy the auto sector. He returns to The Andrew Lawton Show to explain how.



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