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Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in an interview this week that he likes young people more than older folks because they aren’t set in their ways, while acknowledging that the youth who supported him in 2015 are now in their late 20s and can’t afford homes. But he said it would have been even worse without him. True North’s Andrew Lawton says it doesn’t seem like that, and Canadians definitely aren’t buying it.

Also, Canada is getting dragged for not committing to spending two per cent of its GDP on defence, as is required of NATO allies. What is that figure and why does it matter? Retired vice-admiral Mark Norman joins the show to discuss.

Plus, Canada has become a net importer of electricity for the first time as consumers face increased prices. This is all because of a flawed “decarbonized” energy strategy, researcher Philip Cross says. He joins the show to explain why.


  • Andrew Lawton

    Andrew Lawton is the managing editor of True North and host of The Andrew Lawton Show. He is the author of two bestselling books, including his most recent work, "Pierre Poilievre: A Political Life."