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For years, leftist politicians and activists in Canada have repeated ideological claims that are rarely scrutinized and often embraced by the legacy media. From expensive fiscal schemes to “progressive” cultural politics, it’s time for a dose of reality to dispel the myths underlying the left’s disastrous agenda in Canada.

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Latest episodes

The Alberta Roundup | ‘This is not justice’ — member of Coutts 3 responds

Today on the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel, Rachel speaks with Alex Van Herk, one of the Coutts Three found guilty last week of mischief over $5,000 for his role in the Coutts border blockade. Van Herk, who faces up to 10 years in prison, says sentencing is expected in September.

The Andrew Lawton Show | Justin Trudeau thinks Canadians need more of him

As the Liberal government continues to drag in the polls, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has set out to put himself out in front of more Canadians – evidently of the mind that he's the solution and not the problem. Tune into The Andrew Lawton Show!

The Daily Brief | Half of Ottawa homeless shelters occupied by newcomers

As the City of Ottawa asks the Liberal government for an additional $32 million to house the growing surge of asylum seekers, a True North exclusive reveals half of the capital’s homeless shelters are occupied by new immigrants and refugee claimants. Tune into The Daily Brief.

The Daily Brief | Singh spreads false claim about Poilievre

A True North exclusive reveals NDP leader Jagmeet Singh has been spreading the false claim that Pierre Poilievre wants to dump “toxic waste” into waterways. Tune into The Daily Brief!

Ratio’d | Diversity is our strength!

Two viral videos have sparked a major reaction in Canada once again regarding mass immigration and values clashing. Watch the latest episode of Ratio'd with Harrison Faulkner.

The Andrew Lawton Show | Pro-Hamas protesters are openly glorifying October 7 murders

Footage from a weekend anti-Israel rally shows protesters openly cheering for Hamas' Oct. 7 attacks on Israel, referring to it as a sign that Palestinians are almost free and calling for Oct. 7 to become "every day" for Israelis. Antisemitic protesters feel safe enough in their views that they no longer feel the need to mask their Jew hatred with terms like "anti-Zionist," True North's Andrew Lawton points out, noting that calls for dead Jews should terrify, but not surprise, us. The federal government spent $2.2 million in legal fees trying to defend its use of the Emergencies Act in Federal Court, only to get a decision that broke the law in doing so. Also, CBC is getting tens of millions of dollars more from the feds but the president of the state broadcaster won't even do an interview with a CBC journalist. Kris Sims from the Canadian Taxpayers Federation...

The Daily Brief | Liberals force banks to participate in carbon tax theatrics

The Liberals will force Canadian banks to identify the carbon rebate by name when issuing direct deposits to Canadians. Tune into The Daily Brief.

The Alberta Roundup | Smith responds to guilty verdict for Coutts 3

Today on the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel, Rachel interviews Alberta Premier Danielle Smith. They discuss a wide-range of issues, including the Coutts 3, the provincial fuel tax, Covid-19 vaccines for babies and more.

Off the Record | Trudeau gives MORE money to CBC

It’s Friday, so kick back, grab a drink and enjoy the latest episode of Off the Record with Andrew Lawton, Harrison Faulkner and Noah Jarvis!

The Daily Brief | Recent immigrants leaning towards Conservatives

Recent immigrants to Canada are voicing concerns about high immigration levels and are more likely to support the Conservatives than any other party, according to a recent Leger poll. Tune into The Daily Brief!

Ratio’d | Sports gambling ads need to stop

Canadians are being assaulted by sports gambling ads every time they watch a sports game. This has completely ruined the experience for fans who just want to watch a hockey game or a baseball game.

The Andrew Lawton Show | Calgary’s mayor wants you to own nothing and be happy

An increasing number of young Canadians can't afford to buy a home, but Calgary Mayor Jyoti Gondek says not to worry: a lifetime of renting can give "more freedom" and make people feel "liberated," calling home ownership an outdated concept. Tune into The Andrew Lawton Show.

The Daily Brief | CAF’s “LGBTQ champion” suspended over sexual groping comment

A True North exclusive reveals a Royal Military College chaplain who was hailed by the Canadian military as an LGBTQ champion on Transgender Day of Visibility has been suspended following an alleged groping request. Tune into The Daily Brief.

The Alberta Roundup | Alberta refuses to be bribed by Trudeau

Today on the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel, Rachel speaks with Alberta Seniors, Community and Social Services Minister Jason Nixon about the Provincial Priorities Act, which was tabled by the government last week to ensure provincial sign off on federal-municipal deals.

The Andrew Lawton Show | No end in sight for Trudeau’s spending

The federal government unveiled its latest budget yesterday and, surprise surprise, it's full of big spending with no plan to balance the budget. But the Liberals did find room to shovel more money to CBC and over a billion dollars to "combat hate." Tune into The Andrew Lawton Show.

The Daily Brief | Trudeau spends more and has no plans to balance budget

The Liberals unveiled a $40 billion deficit and $115 billion in new spending over the next five years with no plans to balance the budget. Tune into The Daily Brief!

The Daily Brief | CBC Kids “whitewashing” Hamas’ crimes?

A pro-Israel media watchdog is taking aim at CBC Kids for being an “unfettered platform for anti-Israel accusations.” Tune into The Daily Brief.

The Andrew Lawton Show | Governor General shills for Liberal “online harms” regulations

Canada's Governor General is supposed to be apolitical and above partisanship, but Her Excellency Mary Simon opted to convene a panel about the dangers of "online harms" while the federal government is championing a controversial law that uses such harms as a pretext to regulate internet speech.

Ratio’d | Canada’s Birth Rate is Collapsing

One of the most concerning trends in Canada is our country’s collapsing birth rate. Our fertility rate is well below replacement level and there seems to be no effort from the government to increase the levels.

The Andrew Lawton Show | Is Jagmeet Singh backtracking on carbon tax support?

NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh may not know how to negotiate but apparently he can read polls, now saying that carbon taxes aren’t the only option to fight climate change. Tune into The Andrew Lawton Show.

The Daily Brief | Will a Conservative government lower immigration levels?

The Conservative party’s plan to tie immigration numbers to available jobs and homes could result in a lower or higher immigration target, according to the Conservative immigration critic Tom Kmiec.

The Alberta Roundup | Smith pushes back against the feds

This week on the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel, Rachel unpacks Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s latest effort to push back the federal government which is encroaching on provincial jurisdiction by making deals directly with municipalities.

The Andrew Lawton Show | Why conservatives should reject the left’s premises on climate | CSFN Day 3

In today's show, Andrew speaks to former Australian prime minister Tony Abbott about freedom, conservatism, and why the right has to articulate its own position on climate and the environment instead of accepting the left's premises.

The Daily Brief | Does Trudeau have confidence in CSIS?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told the foreign interference inquiry that CSIS intelligence briefings regarding potential election interference in 2019 weren’t “sufficiently credible information” to act on.

Ratio’d | Is this Canada or India? Exploring Brampton, Ontario

On the latest episode of Ratio'd, Harrison Faulkner goes to Brampton, Ontario to see Canada's mass immigration crisis first hand.