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Featuring host Cosmin Dzsurdzsa and other True North journalists, the Daily Brief will bring you the top stories of the day and True North exclusive stories you won’t find anywhere else.


The Candice Malcolm Show

True North founder Candice Malcolm takes to the airwaves to talk about the latest headline news, conduct in-depth interviews and dives into stories the mainstream media won’t touch.


The Andrew Lawton Show

The Andrew Lawton Show is Canada’s most irreverent talk show, hosted by veteran broadcaster Andrew Lawton. With hard-hitting analysis and in-depth interviews, Lawton takes on the stories that matter.


Reality Check

For years, leftist politicians and activists in Canada have repeated ideological claims that are rarely scrutinized and often embraced by the legacy media. From expensive fiscal schemes to “progressive” cultural politics, it’s time for a dose of reality to dispel the myths underlying the left’s disastrous agenda in Canada.

Our latest show will arm you with the facts so you can counter leftist ideology persuasively. Learn the other side of the argument to win the policy debate! Tune in every Wednesday to Reality Check with Jasmine Moulton!


The Alberta Roundup

Every week, Rachel Emmanuel will keep you informed on the latest in Alberta news and politics – including what’s happening in the UCP leadership race. The Alberta Roundup will feature analysis and commentary from the heart of the West. Tune in every Saturday.



Harrison Faulkner dissects the social discourse shaping Canada each week and delivers a sharp common sense perspective to the news you need to know. Don't miss it.


Off The Record

Off the Record features a casual sit-down (which is completely off the record!) with True North founder Candice Malcolm and other True North personalities. We weigh in on the top stories of the week and laugh at the left’s latest shenanigans.


The Faulkner Show

The Faulkner Show focuses on the stories that the legacy media doesn’t want you to know about. Your host Harrison Faulkner sits down with experts from various industries to give you an in-depth understanding of the issues that matter most to you.


Latest episodes

The Candice Malcolm Show | Trudeau’s latest attempt to CENSOR you

True North’s Candice Malcolm says Trudeau is pretending C-63 is about protecting your safety and children’s safety, but in reality Trudeau wants to control the internet, just like how he controls the media.

The Daily Brief | Trudeau’s latest attack on free speech

The Trudeau government unveiled its “online hate” bill, which contains $70,000 fines for so-called hate speech and even life imprisonment for hate crimes. Tune into The Daily Brief.

Ratio’d | How can this possibly be real?

Justin Trudeau announced that Canada will be spending millions of taxpayer dollars on “gender-inclusive demining” in Ukraine. Deploy the transgender deminers! Watch the latest episode of Ratio'd with Harrison Faulkner.

The Daily Brief | Activists cancel gay talk show host for supporting Smith’s gender policies

A popular Calgary-based gay talk show host says his show was dropped by the LGBT network OutTV after he voiced support for Alberta Premier Danielle Smith and her recently announced gender and parental rights policies. Tune into the Daily Brief!

The Alberta Roundup | Trudeau visits Alberta and snubs Smith

This week on the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel, Rachel unpacks Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s response to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau travelling to Alberta without letting Smith know or extending an invitation to meet.

Ratio’d | What do Americans think of Justin Trudeau?

True North’s Harrison Faulkner is in Washington DC for the CPAC conference and asked American conservatives what they think of Justin Trudeau. Unsurprisingly, they aren’t big fans.

Off the Record | Poilievre continues to push back against trans ideology

It’s Friday! Kick back, grab a drink and tune into Off the Record with Candice Malcolm, Andrew Lawton and pollster Hamish Marshall!

The Daily Brief | Kevin Vuong considering move to the Conservatives

A True North exclusive reveals Independent MP Kevin Vuong, a Toronto MP who was booted by the Liberals during the last federal election, is considering a move to the Conservative bench. Tune into The Daily Brief!

The Candice Malcolm Show | DEBUNKING the CBC’s radical trans nonsense

On this episode of The Candice Malcolm Show, Candice debunks the CBC’s radical trans nonsense and shows how the state broadcaster aren’t serious journalists but instead activists with a twisted ideology that leads to more suffering.

The Andrew Lawton Show | Independent MP Kevin Vuong on ups and downs of being without a party

In this wide-ranging special edition of The Andrew Lawton Show, Andrew Lawton sits down with Independent MP Kevin Vuong in his Toronto home to discuss his past, present, and future as an MP.

The Daily Brief | “British Columbians” is offensive and exclusionary?

The British Columbia government thinks that referring to residents as “British Columbians” is too offensive and exclusionary. Tune into The Daily Brief!

The Alberta Roundup | Suit seeks Covid compensation for businesses

Today on the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel, Rachel interviews prominent Alberta lawyer Jeffrey Rath on his efforts to begin a class action lawsuit on behalf of businesses impacted by forced Covid-19 closures.

The Andrew Lawton Show |  Justin Trudeau’s “hate speech” ban is coming

The Liberals' long-promised ban on "online harms" is expected in the coming weeks. Among other things, the bill will take aim at so-called "hate speech." Tune into The Andrew Lawton Show.

The Daily Brief | Let them eat lobster!

Another federal minister is under fire for showing off a lobster feast while Canadians struggle to make ends meet. Tune into The Daily Brief!

Ratio’d | Trudeau Towns are taking over Canadian cities

What was once a rare site is now a common feature in every major city across Canada – sprawling tent cities or as Canadians are calling them, “Trudeau towns.” Watch the latest episode of Ratio'd with Harrison Faulkner.

The Candice Malcolm Show | What transing is actually all about

More Canadians will want to protect children from the horrors of these procedures after hearing what a Canadian surgeon recently said about these radical procedures. Tune into The Candice Malcolm Show!

The Daily Brief | CBC’s failed lawsuit against Conservatives cost $400,000

A failed lawsuit against the Conservative Party filed by the CBC during the 2019 election cost taxpayers almost $400,000, according to newly obtained documents. Tune into The Daily Brief.

LAWTON: Is the legacy media dying? (ft. Kris Sims)

Canadian Taxpayers Federation Alberta director Kris Sims joined True North’s Andrew Lawton to discuss the future of the Canadian legacy media.

The Alberta Roundup | Smith mocks Guilbeault’s bid to ban roads

This week on the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel, Rachel breaks down Alberta Premier Danielle Smith’s response to the federal government’s announcement that they won’t fund new road construction.

Off the Record | Poilievre and the legacy media clash – again!

It’s Friday – kick back, grab a drink and tune into the Off the Record with Andrew Lawton, Harrison Faulkner and Sue-Ann Levy!

The Daily Brief | Poilievre supports Convoy lawsuit against Trudeau

Poilievre said that he hopes courts will uphold the Charter of Rights and Freedoms regarding Canadians who had their constitutional rights violated for participating in the Freedom Convoy protest in 2022. Tune into The Daily Brief.

Ratio’d | Justin Trudeau SUED for freezing bank accounts during Freedom Convoy!

To mark the two-year anniversary of the invocation of the Emergencies Act, Freedom Convoy organizers and protesters who had their bank accounts unlawfully frozen by the government have served Justin Trudeau and Chrystia Freeland with lawsuits.

The Andrew Lawton Show | Mandatory DEI training makes things worse

DEI training has become the norm in corporations, the public sector, and academia in an attempt to cleanse institutions of systemic racism and purge people's biases. A new study reveals these programs don't work. Tune into The Andrew Lawton Show.

The Daily Brief | Who is GC Strategies?

GC Strategies was handpicked by the Liberal government to oversee the failed ArriveCan application. It was revealed on Wednesday that the firm has accumulated $258 million in federal contracts over the course of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s time in office. Tune into The Daily Brief.

The Alberta Roundup | Correcting the record about an Alberta Pension Plan

This week on the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel, Rachel interviews Nadine Wellwood, a chartered investment manager who is embarking on a campaign to educate Albertans on the benefits of an Alberta Pension Plan.