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True North’s Daily Brief is a daily podcast to keep you up-to-date on the news you need to know.

Featuring host Cosmin Dzsurdzsa and other True North journalists, the Daily Brief will bring you the top stories of the day and True North exclusive stories you won’t find anywhere else.


The Candice Malcolm Show

True North founder Candice Malcolm takes to the airwaves to talk about the latest headline news, conduct in-depth interviews and dives into stories the mainstream media won’t touch.


The Andrew Lawton Show

The Andrew Lawton Show is Canada’s most irreverent talk show, hosted by veteran broadcaster Andrew Lawton. With hard-hitting analysis and in-depth interviews, Lawton takes on the stories that matter.


Reality Check

For years, leftist politicians and activists in Canada have repeated ideological claims that are rarely scrutinized and often embraced by the legacy media. From expensive fiscal schemes to “progressive” cultural politics, it’s time for a dose of reality to dispel the myths underlying the left’s disastrous agenda in Canada.

Our latest show will arm you with the facts so you can counter leftist ideology persuasively. Learn the other side of the argument to win the policy debate! Tune in every Wednesday to Reality Check with Jasmine Moulton!


The Alberta Roundup

Every week, Rachel Emmanuel will keep you informed on the latest in Alberta news and politics – including what’s happening in the UCP leadership race. The Alberta Roundup will feature analysis and commentary from the heart of the West. Tune in every Saturday.



Harrison Faulkner dissects the social discourse shaping Canada each week and delivers a sharp common sense perspective to the news you need to know. Don't miss it.


Off The Record

Off the Record features a casual sit-down (which is completely off the record!) with True North founder Candice Malcolm and other True North personalities. We weigh in on the top stories of the week and laugh at the left’s latest shenanigans.


The Faulkner Show

The Faulkner Show focuses on the stories that the legacy media doesn’t want you to know about. Your host Harrison Faulkner sits down with experts from various industries to give you an in-depth understanding of the issues that matter most to you.


Latest episodes

Ratio’d | Exposing Canadian immigration consultants on TikTok

Canadian immigration agents are shamelessly exposing the loopholes and failures of Canada's immigration system on TikTok. On the latest episode of Ratio'd, Harrison Faulkner exposes Canada's immigration consultants and reacts to their TikTok videos.

The Andrew Lawton Show | British Columbia Conservatives are surging in the polls

In this edition of The Andrew Lawton Show, B.C. Conservative leader John Rustad joins for the entire episode to discuss his vision for British Columbia.

The Daily Brief | Canadians continue to tune out CBC

Independent media outlets are capturing an increasing share of the Canadian news landscape while the legacy media falters as the primary news source for Canadians. Tune into The Daily Brief.

The Alberta Roundup | Calgary is falling apart

Today on the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel, Rachel explains what we know about the break in one of Calgary’s major water mains that’s caused a crisis across the city for over a week.

The Andrew Lawton Show | NDP thinks Poilievre is “courting incels”

An NDP member of Parliament has accused Poilievre of "courting incels" and implied that he will turn Canada into Gilead, the fundamentalist dystopia from Margaret Atwood's "The Handmaid's Tale," if elected. Tune into The Andrew Lawton Show.

The Daily Brief | Do Liberals care about burned churches?

A day after a historic church in Toronto burnt down, Conservative MP Jamil Jivani lambasted the NDP and Liberals for being unable to condemn church burnings unanimously in February. Tune into The Daily Brief.

The Faulkner Show | Immigration agent tells Canadian kids to just “invest in Bitcoin”

On this episode of The Faulkner Show, Harrison Faulkner speaks with Brampton-based immigration consultant Kanwar Sierah at an international student protest in Brampton.

The Andrew Lawton Show | Trudeau laments rise of “populist right-wing forces”

True North's Andrew Lawton says it seems like Trudeau is willing to blame his polling unpopularity on anyone and anything other than himself and his record.

The Daily Brief | Another church burns down in Canada

A historic Toronto church containing Group of Seven artwork burnt down on Sunday evening. Plus, a Syrian refugee who murdered and raped a Burnaby teen is handed a life sentence without the possibility of parole for 25 years. And the Liberals will support a motion to have the foreign interference commissioner investigate former and current politicians suspected of collaborating with foreign nations like China and India. Tune into The Daily Brief with Cosmin Dzsurdzsa and Noah Jarvis! SUBSCRIBE TO THE DAILY BRIEF

Ratio’d | Justin Trudeau is shielding TRAITORS inside parliament

Last week, a secret report from the National Security and Intelligence Committee of Parliamentarians was released and alleged that several MPs wittingly colluded with hostile foreign nations. The Trudeau government is now shielding the names of the alleged traitors from being released to the public.

The Andrew Lawton Show | Chrystia Freeland admits “wrath” of middle class Canadians “burns hot”

Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland has inadvertently conceded that middle class Canadians are worse off now after nine years of her and Justin Trudeau's power in government, defending the capital gains tax increase by saying the wealthy have to live in gated communities and fly on private jets to stay away from the angry ordinary folks. True North's Andrew Lawton weighs in.

The Daily Brief | Elections BC tells students not to call Emergencies Act “unprecedented”

A True North exclusive reveals Elections BC has been telling students not to call the use of the Emergencies Act as “unprecedented” in a disinformation guide. Tune into The Daily Brief!

The Alberta Roundup | Alberta gears up to fight federal censorship

Today on the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel, Rachel explains how the Alberta government is responding to Ottawa’s proposed legislation to censor oil and gas companies from speaking about their environmental achievements.

Off the Record | Do the Liberals care about treason?

It’s Friday – kick back, grab a drink and enjoy the latest episode of Off the Record with Andrew Lawton, Rachel Emmanuel and Noah Jarvis!

The Daily Brief | Legacy media outlets were on China’s payroll

Select Canadian media executives and journalists were accused of being on China’s payroll by a shocking new report on foreign interference. Tune into The Daily Brief.

The Andrew Lawton Show | Liberals mock those who care about foreign interference

The Liberal campaign to downplay foreign interference in Canadian democracy continues with one MP, Jennifer O’Connell, telling Conservatives today to “get over it.” Tune into The Andrew Lawton Show.

The Daily Brief | Cancer Society succumbs to trans ideology

A True North exclusive reveals how on a web page dedicated to cervical cancer, the Canadian Cancer Society apologized for referring to the cervix by its technical name rather than euphemisms such as “front hole.” Tune into The Daily Brief.

Ratio’d | Justin Trudeau vs. Pierre Poilievre: Who will Toronto residents vote for?

Harrison Faulkner went down to Yonge-Dundas Square – which is soon to be erased and given an African tribal name - to ask Torontonians if an election were held today, who they would choose to lead Canada.

The Alberta Roundup | Ottawa already seeking to ‘derail’ an Alberta pension

Today on the Alberta Roundup with Rachel Emmanuel, Rachel interviews UCP Bonnyville chair and lead for the Alberta First Pension, Mitch Sylvestre.

The Andrew Lawton Show | Has the media irreparably squandered its trust?

Can the media regain this lost trust, and should government be subsidizing newsrooms that Canadians aren't interested in supporting? Tune into The Andrew Lawton Show.

The Daily Brief | Which MPs worked on behalf of a foreign state?

A shocking new parliamentary report warned that some elected Canadian officials are knowingly assisting foreign state actors engaging in political interference, most notably working on behalf of China and India. Tune into The Daily Brief!

The Faulkner Show | The environmental case against mass immigration

Harrison Faulkner is joined by the president of Canadians for a Sustainable Society, John Meyer, to discuss the environmental case against mass immigration. Meyer is a economist and commentator as well as a passionate environmentalist who has written extensively about the environmental harms caused by uncontrolled population growth.

The Andrew Lawton Show | Some MPs are acting for foreign powers. Why aren’t they being named?

The report released yesterday from NSICOP, the parliamentary national security committee, says that some parliamentarians have "wittingly" worked to assist foreign powers – including China – meddle in Canadian politics. The report doesn't name them, but True North's Andrew Lawton says Canadians deserve to know who these politicians are.

The Daily Brief | Peterson slams Trudeau gov’s “Pride Season”

It’s “Pride Season,” according to the Trudeau government – and Dr. Jordan Peterson has already had enough.

Ratio’d | Indian students in Brampton DEMAND work permit extensions at protest

Another protest staged by Indian international students demanding work permit extensions and permanent residency is underway in Brampton, Ontario.